How can I stop receiving DMARC reports?

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You may have added a text record in your DNS entries to enable the DMARC feature for your mailbox but suddenly after this, you are getting DMARC emails from almost every mail service you are communicating with like Gmail, Outlook,, etc.


How can I stop receiving DMARC reports?

Solution 1: Get rid of DMARC!

The solution is easy, simply get rid of that DMARC text record from DNS. This will disable the feature and you will never receive such emails again.

Solution 2: Just don’t send emails (DMARC enabled).

But if you want this feature but do not want to receive confirmation emails then simply remove rua=mailto:<email> from the text record you have added to the DNS entry.

For example:


RUA (aggregate reports which you receive every day) and RUF (forensic reports which you will only receive when something fails) both tags should be removed in order to stop receiving such emails. In the above example, I have only shown RUA tag.

You can only keep the RUF tag to receive only failure reports too.

Solution 3: Do what organizations do.

Or you can create another email ID to receive a such email for your domain like this:


Big organizations where multiple email IDs are used for all of their employees will ensure that one dedicated email ID is used for such administrative work.

This way only the webmaster user will receive DMARC reports and other users will not.

This is it, that is how you can stop receiving DMARC reports.

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