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Managing securities on Easiest account is more comfortable on CDSL, while Easi account, which is basic, give us access to checking out securities you hold. Many investors who deal in transfer of securities or deal in unlisted shares often use or upgrade their CDSL account to Easiest and in rare occasions face this issue:


Easiest Request Rejected

Upgrade BOID to the Easiest rejected by DP. Here is a mail sample:

There are multiple reason why this is getting failed, like:

  • Your broker still not implemented Easiest option yet (Zerodha is working & Brokers like Groww, Upstox, HDFC Sky is not working now, and their support says they have not implemented it yet).
  • Details are not correct or data entered is not matching with account. You may need to correct that first.
  • You missed adding Trusted BOID which is compulsory from 1st Jan, 2024. Previously if you leave Trusted BOID blank it would accept that as it is, and have an option to add that later. But now it is compulsory.

Note: If your broker has not implemented Easiest on their end, and you still want to transfer shares or manage other authoritative activities that require Easiest, then you need to make everything in offline mode.

So these are the reasons why Easi to the Easiest upgrade request rejected.

If you have something new to update, raise it in the comment section below. I’ll update on this.

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