Do you need a CDN with cloud hosting?

With the popularization of streaming solutions and the development of the iGaming industry, the issue of delivering heavy content has become especially acute.

  • How do make sure that online broadcasts for numerous viewers are not interrupted?
  • How do optimize the work of online stores working for consumers in different countries so that their content is instantly downloaded anywhere in the world?

The answer was found: among all technologies, the most effective is hosting with CDN.

Why complement cloud hosting with CDN services?

  • The time of local trade or provision of services is a thing of the past. Many e-commerce companies seek to reach consumers from other countries.
  • The same applies to video streaming: organizers of conferences, sports matches, and bloggers hardly want to be limited to a narrow domestic audience.

To ensure global coverage and ideal traffic for your website, order CDN hosting from the G-Core Labs.

How does CDN help static content delivery?

CDN or content delivery network consists of servers that are interconnected and located in different parts of the world. The more points of presence (PoPs) a provider has, the more efficient the network. When a consumer makes a request to your website or video stream platform, the demand is directed to the nearest geographic caching server. As a result, information is downloaded immediately, and there are no delays in video broadcasting.

Ideal CDN infrastructure of G-Core Labs.

Not every CDN provider can rely on such an extensive network infrastructure as G-Core Labs:

  • More than 140 PoPs are in various locations around the world, and their number is constantly growing.
  • More than 11 thousand peer-to-peer partners work to speed up traffic.

As a result, CDN hosting from G-Core Labs provides a website response time to a client request of only 30 ms.

Strengthen your competitive advantage through the quality of your website functioning and the speed of delivery of information. G-Core Labs will help your information reach the consumer almost instantly.

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