Beware of this scam on WhatsApp and Telegram!

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In the name of part time online job many scams are going on WhatsApp and Telegram apps. One day I too received this message and just to see how low they can go to cheat people, I gave a try with safety.

Beware of this scam on WhatsApp and Telegram!

Let’s see how it went and where I stopped myself from getting into their scam.

Note: No job will demand you money, as everyone do job to earn money and not to give money.

First, someone contacted me via WhatsApp message from some international number with a job offer. Acting like a newbie I accepted his/her offer and continued to the scam.

WhatsApp job scam chat

Then he/she told me to use Telegram, as this chat application is more versatile for scammers because in WhatsApp they are more prone to get restricted or banned all together.

I was introduced to Receptionist Sarika, a fake profile with fake details.

Although they paid me for the very first demo task to gain my trust on them.

But they have recovery plan too if you stuck in their scam.

See how it goes.

Telegram job scam receptionist chat

The job was in 6 task batch and once I complete 5 jobs the 6th job was recovery plan.

Task where you need to pay and get scammed

So as per their 1st plan I have to pay them ₹1,000 in order to receive ₹1,200. This is the scam.

I reverted back to receptionist that I do not have any money now as I hardly earned anything from them.

She said: If you don’t have any money, I recommend finding someone to borrow money, and you can return the money to him immediately after you finish the task, it only takes a few minutes.

She also said I will loose the money of 1-5 task as well.

So this is how they scam innocent people. They target students, housewife or non-working class most because they are the generation who wants to earn money fast and fall in such kinds of scam.

Update: When I was ready to pay, she sent me a link to some UPI gateway that was operated by some Chinese. The gateway belongs to which was in Chinese language (definitely a scam).

Lesson: Never fall in such scams.

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