5 benefits of part-time jobs for students

As a student, you would surely want to enjoy life as a teenager. After all, this is the only time you might get to live a carefree life. But how about investing some of your time for a better future by doing something other than mundane studies? What if you can spare a couple of hours to learn new skills that can boost career prospects and future life as an adult?

You can easily benefit a lot by becoming a student that works on part-time jobs. Understandably, you may not really need the money from work. However, there are immense benefits of working part-time as a student. Here we list five of the greatest benefits for students who work part-time jobs.

Why part-time jobs?

5 Benefits for Students Who Work Part-Time Jobs

To date, Indian parents and existing traditions attach a taboo to students working part-time. The practice of students working part-time is common abroad but has yet to catch up in India. If you are interested in following the global trend, continue to read the benefits that students get by working part-time jobs.

1. Boosts self-confidence.

The first and biggest benefit for students who work part-time jobs is the boost in self-confidence levels. Generally, all teenagers are shy and wary about mingling with people from other cultures, seniors, females, and strangers. When you work on part-time jobs as a student, this coyness automatically vanishes. You get the confidence of dealing with people of all types.

Financial freedom also brings around its own confidence. You are able to help the family, should the need arise. And you can meet your personal expenses by splurging your income from a part-time job on wants like expensive smartphones or even a bike. You need not pester your parents for extra money for activities like going out with friends. And you do not have to feel guilty about sponging parents for your wants.

2. Respect in society.

Usually, one of the greatest benefits of students who work on part-time jobs is the higher respect they get in the society over counterparts who merely waste their time. Parents of others students, neighbors, and relatives hold you in greater respect because they know you are taking great responsibilities at a younger age.

The higher level of respect you get from people around also helps boost your self-confidence immensely. This comes in very handily when applying for jobs. People will readily allow you to provide their names as your reference. Additionally, teachers and lecturers at school will also hold you in great esteem.

3. Helps in gaining skills.

Whatever your field of study, working part time as student holds immense benefits. You can develop excellent skills that will come handy in your field. By working part time as student, some of the vital skills you will develop include problem solving, team work, experience needed for your future career in the field and the required contacts that can help you find the right jobs.

This experience and skills give you an edge over other applicants for a job. Employers know you already have some knowledge about the field and will prefer hiring you over a fresher. As a job seeker, your task becomes easier since you can readily find references from your part-time employer. Or, the part-time employer may decide to offer you a full-time posting upon completion of your course.

4. Trains in handling finances.

You may not really need the money or you could need that extra cash. Whichever your situation, a student who works part-time invariably learns excellent skills in handling finances. You realize the value of money and the efforts you exert to earn it.

As an adult, this skill will prove very helpful in budgeting for self or family, handling your salary, planning savings and investments for a better future, and onwards till retirement. It is well known that students that work part-time develop excellent skills in investing in various schemes like Mutual Funds, insurance policies, retirement plans, and other financial products.

5. Keeps addictions away.

With taboos over alcohol consumption among teenagers vanishing rapidly, thousands of students across India and in foreign lands are falling prey to addiction. Worse, students sometimes become victims of drug addictions because they are bored in free time and look for newer ways to entertain themselves. Globally and in India, drug and alcohol addiction among students, especially those with ample free time, is on the rise.

A great benefit for students who work part time is the inherent ability to stay away from addictions. Working students know they cannot report to work inebriated with drugs or alcohol. They also become aware of the evils of addictions. Since they are using their spare time for gainful activities, they have no inclination to try alcohol and drugs. Instead, they focus on the jobs on hand.

In conclusion.

Remember, part time jobs do not dent the prestige of your family. Nor do they imply that your family is poor.

For students from financially weaker families, working part time has an immense benefit: they are able to supplement the family’s finances and help parents and siblings lead a better life.

Nowadays, we live in a highly competitive world. Almost every job seeker comes with high academic qualifications. In such situations, working part-time definitely helps boost your career prospects.

In fact, lots of employers now look for job seekers that have worked part time as students.

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