25 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

AdSense optimization is a perfect way to boost your click-through rate. It is truly the best and easiest monetization method for websites. If you’ve just started your blog and you’re looking for ways to monetize it, it is strongly recommended to use AdSense. And what better platform than WordPress!

WordPress is the most widespread platform that allows you to quickly and easily manage your content; this means it can be used as a content management system (CMS). WordPress features an administration panel/dashboard that is highly customizable. In a nutshell, if you run an online marketing business and you’d like to earn more money from Ads on your site, you should consider using AdSense optimization WordPress theme.

25 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

In this article, let’s discuss 25 best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes. Depending on your work and you, can choose either of the below themes.

1. Ad-Sense

If you intend to start a site and you’d like to earn money from it, you need to consider using Ad-Sense. This is one of the best, efficient and one of the most friendly themes in the market. It offers great features such as better ad management, ad blocker detection, ad placement and also content locking for ad block users. This theme shows popup notification, can hide single post content, show floating box notice, hide content using shortcodes, has different ad placement areas and has 8 different pre-defined layouts.


2. Clean

Clean is an exquisitely designed WordPress theme built for those who want clutter free sites. It has several customizable options. This theme is good for online magazines, blogs, and can also be used in all other niches. This theme features 4 demos that include; default demo, portfolio demo, journal demo, and landing page demo. This theme has multiple homepage layouts. You can choose the best from the variety. Clean is a very effective WordPress theme that will help improve your online presence.


3. Adsos

Featuring a clean and minimalist design, this theme is highly optimized for search engine and AdSense to increase your search engine rankings and ad CTR since Google ranking is the first step to achieving an online reputation. If you run an online marketing business of affiliate marketing, you need to ensure that your site has a good ranking. This will enhance the possibilities of your business to thrive.


4. Respublica

This WordPress theme comes with customizable tools; these tools are easily accessible with an option of live-preview. There are plenty of options that you can use to change the look and feel of your site. It has great features that promote your online campaign. It is easy to use and has a variety of themes and page layouts.


5. RedMag

It is one of the best themes you can use if you’re running an online campaign. This theme is perfectly designed for monetization. It has helped most people who are doing business online. This is a highly responsive AdSense supported theme that ensures that ads display well on all devices and all screen sizes. RedMag theme has hotspots that are strategically and perfectly placed throughout its layout; this aims at attracting the audience and user as well.


6. Viral

This is a perfect theme with beautiful and stylish layout & design. The theme is brilliantly designed to help you thrive with trending viral content or creating a viral site. It is a classic choice for those who run trendy sites across different niches. It has a beautiful carousel, crisp typography, amazing layouts, galleries, customization options and much more.


7. Arbitrage

This theme is suitable for any layout and has a unique yet simple design. The vibe of the background allows the content of your blog to stand out. The flexibility of the theme allows infinite customization, changes colors and fonts, design elements, insert text, or include anything for a simple homepage customization.


8. Simple Sense

Simple Sense is a great theme that is highly effective in money-making strategies. It includes optimized features for AdSense PPC, blogging, product reviews and much more.

Simple Sense

9. Novapress

If you have a viral news website, you can consider using this theme. It is highly effective while it features an infinite scroll, a responsive layout, sharing icons, buttons and much more. This theme features an easy to use theme customizer. You can easily change colors. It features a menu icon, translation ready, social sharing, infinite scroll, easy monetization, and many other features.


10. MyBlog

When you have the right theme, you can successfully elevate your blog so here is a very beautiful and modern theme used by professional bloggers. If you want to create a massive brand and thrive in online business and blogging, you need to ensure that your brand looks professional and contains all the necessary features. This theme has 8 predefined layouts that you can use while designing your website.


11. Grimag

This is a compelling WordPress theme which is highly effective for publishing niche. It is primarily used by SEO experts and editors, and has been precisely designed for monetization. If you run an online magazine or related stuff, this is the theme that you should use. It is a responsive AdSense optimized theme and features a 300px sidebar. Many SEO experts and editors have tremendously benefited from this theme.


12. MH Joystick

This WordPress theme is effective in online magazine publications. It features a built-in theme customizer that allows you to create beautiful online publications perfectly. It features a very presentable and flexible layout that can fit in all mobile screen sizes and desktop screens. It features high code quality, theme customizer, responsive layout, topography options, SEO friendliness, custom widgets and much more.

MH Joystick

13. Featured

Featured is a compelling and effective WordPress theme. If you want to create a high-quality publication, this theme is a perfect choice. It features pre-built layouts for posts, feature pages, categories and much more. This theme features flexible navigations, drag and drop builder, grid layout, and responsive design.


14. BlogSpring

BlogSpring theme allows you to create online magazines and news sites. It has all the necessary features and is a complete solution for creating magazine website and news websites. Bloggers can also benefit from this theme as it has a blog-friendly layout and design.


15. Feminine

It has been specifically designed with a girly concept in mind. This theme is all it takes for you to build a feminine website including color combination among other features. This theme features 3 well-designed post layouts and 3 slider layouts and offer enough customization choices. This theme has an Instagram section, Instagram feed widget, About Me widgets, and Signature support to personalize the site.


16. MaterialZine

This is a magazine style theme which is powerful and effective as it combines flashiness with sophistication. This theme creates a perfect design in a visually, pleasing and organized manner. It features 3 column grid that gives you perfect control of your layouts. It has a full-width homepage slide that creates visual enriching site for your readers.


17. Admania

This is one of the great and an outstanding AdSense optimized themes for affiliate marketers. It helps you increase the click-through rates which help increase your earnings as well as your rankings. It has six impressive layouts that allow you to insert the ads in high conversational places perfectly.

18. NewsLine

A beautiful theme for news, sports, politics, automotive and alike niches. This theme is wide, fresh and has an ultimate control over page creator options. With all the necessary features including a specially developed mega menu that allows you to create modern and elegant drop-down menus; this theme helps you in increasing user experience and engagement.


19. Verb Pro

This is a clean, highly responsive and modern theme suitable for magazines, review sites, newspapers, personal blogs. It features an easy to use theme customizer, post layout styles, is translation ready, has an elegant menu, easy monetization options, social sharing and so much more.

Verb Pro

20. SocialNow

If you are looking for a theme to target social traffic then look no further than this theme; it is precisely designed for social media marketing sites. It has an easy to use navigation that users can comfortably use to find content. This theme has powerful features that make your social media marketing a success. SocialNow is beneficial for all those who are marketing their products on social media & can be further used as a site to promote your business.


21. GoMedia

This is a very effective, flexible and powerful magazine theme that has endless customization possibilities. It has a perfect layout and other useful features. This theme has a content slider that displays info in auto-scrolling slideshows, custom widgets and much more.


22. CrazyBlog

CrazyBlog provides useful and high-quality WordPress templates. If you are a fashion-designer, traveler, businessperson, chef, internet marketer or alike and you’d like to start a blog; you must consider using CrazyBlog. This theme allows you to do multiple things at once, credits to its highly functional customizer and optimized features.


23. Fashion Chic

If you run a lifestyle or fashion page, this is the best theme you need to consider using! This theme has all the necessary features that you’d need to promote your lifestyle page. With a subtle layout and background, this theme highlights your content and is easily accessible to all the users despite them browsing your site from different devices.

Fashion Chic

24. SociallyViral

This is a beautiful WordPress theme. It is fast and engaging and a perfect choice for those that want to boost viral traffic. It includes multiple social sharing options, responsive framework, intuitive options panel along with easy installation. You get a premium support among other benefits if you encounter any problem.


25. MagXP

If you deal with online magazines and publications, this is the right WordPress theme. It has necessary features and tools needed in publication and has four homepage layouts and also includes multiple features that give you full control of the design. You can easily change the design from black to light. The theme is flexible and easy to use with its easy editing option panel.


The above themes are the best you can ever find. You just need to identify the best depending on your requirements.

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