50+ Crucial WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist [Infographic]

One of the most crucial tasks of running a website is its maintenance. Without proper maintenance, your website will start losing out on potential traffic as well as ranking due to poor site speed, security issues, and others.

Thus, if you want your business to grow in the online world, then you need to pay attention to the maintenance of your website. However, maintaining a website is not easy. If you are not aware of the various tasks that are involved in maintaining a website, chances are you might miss out on some of the most crucial website maintenance practices.

Hence, for those who are new to WordPress or those who are running a WordPress website but are not sure how to go about maintaining it effectively, here is a detailed guide that comprises of 50+ website maintenance tasks that will help you optimize your website.

The below infographic checklist consists of website maintenance tasks such as;

1. Daily backup of website and database.
2. Regular monitoring of site’s security.
3. Eliminating unnecessary WordPress plugins, widgets, and themes.
4. Testing site’s compatibility with various mobile devices and on different browsers.
5. Updating site’s content.
6. Review of On-page SEO factors.
7. Image and Video Optimization.
8. Clearing of trash and other junk media files.
9. Regular monitoring of site’s contact form, download links, social media links and others.

Accomplishing each of these tasks successfully will ensure that your site is performing optimally and is easily accessible to all – users as well as search engine alike. In addition, it will also help tighten up your site’s security.

So check out this website maintenance infographic below and start with these tasks today, in order to improve site’s performance and functionality, which, in turn, will help boost your site’s visibility, traffic, and conversion rate.

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist Infographic

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