Why Social Media is Important for Brand Marketers?

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Social media marketing is form of internet marketing through many social media channels to achieve marketing goals, communication, branding of business and creating more leads for business. It involves many actions like sharing of information, videos, photos, contents and mails. To maximize small and big companies’ reach, they are maintaining their social profiles on different mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Tumblr.


Social media marketing has ease of use and powerful tool with new avenues to deliver a part of content all over the world in few times. It has an important role in increasing growth of small and big business. Here are some reasons:

1. Develop Brand Image and Recognition

Social media marketing gives ability to have a remarkable presence on different social media channels which give an edge to business as well as to build company’s reputation. Sharing live videos, pictures and content not only help to increase brand recognition, but also help to increase customers.

Presence on different social media channels gives ability to access company’s website through more users. Connection of customers on social media increases retention and brand loyalty. In reality customers enjoy being a member of a business that is delicately building a lively community.

2. Increase Sales and ROI

A lot of marketers who have been using social media for years report it has helped them improve sales. It gives an opportunity to marketers to keep company’s image in front of potential customers but also to regularly give them encouragement to buy. Marketers can easily monitors their users on websites who are visiting or looking for products and after can sell or offer them coupons, flash sales, contests and giveaways.

Social media marketing helps to discover customers’ interest and marketers can use this information to target on meeting their needs and expectations excel product list, research competitors and gain proficiency in exact niche.

3. Create Connection with Employees and Consumers

Social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. allows businesses and user to interact quickly with freedom. It is a platform where build up relationship with consumers and keeping a check on what consumer demands.

Although, social media pages are not only serve as places to sell, but also a great platform for employees engagement. Most companies have employees that are active on various forms of social media channels where they can communicate with their employees and more importantly employees can communicate with each other. This creates a community spirit within organization which not only keeps them happy but also looks good for outsiders.

4. Increase Website Search Ranking and Traffic

One of the biggest achievements of social media for business is that it uses to increase traffic and search ranking. Social media helps in more shares between users and redirect users to different pages that increase website’s ranking. Increasing website traffic by social media channels will help to increase the worth of the visitors and thus it can increase VPV (Value Per Visitor) of websites.

Having a strong media presence is a significant factor because Google or other search engines calculate ranking based on presence of different social media pages. For example a strong and regular presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels is a big part of success to increase SEO of website.

5. Slay the Competition

Social media marketing slay the competitions between brands. If competitors get potential customers first, they get their loyalty first and it becomes more difficult to other competitors to win them. If businesses want to get more traffic and want to increase their sales online. They have to out write, out network and out wit their competition while offering good customer service and best products. This is why; popularity of social media marketing may slay the competition and destroying old branding methods and changing how customers interact with businesses.

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  1. Chery Schmidt Avatar
    Chery Schmidt

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    Hello Atul! I thought I would stop on by and return the favor as well as check out your blog! Nice job here my friend!

    As for this post, Oh Yeh Social Media can be a very important place to help brand marketers vs putting out a PPC or a solo ad.

    People do business with people they know like and trust Right? Well there is no better place to get to know people other than on the social media sites.

    I love your suggestions and am going to start creating and sharing more videos.
    Great Share
    Chery :))

    1. Atul Avatar

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      Thanks Chery Schmidt for visiting us, I hope you enjoyed the article.