Why Pharma lobby is always fighting legal battle with Patanjali and its Ayurvedic medicines?

We have seen trends like boycott Patanjali or ayurvedic companies and even made fun of Baba Ramdev on social media sites but in reality those trends were always backed by big pharma lobbies who do not want to share its market share with traditional Bharat’s ayurvedic medicines and treatment methods.

You may see this as a joke, but there are thousands of cases where Patanjali Ayurved have treated patients with incurable diseases that allopathy failed to cure. People come here by mouth of advertisement more than commercial advertisements, and this is where they hit pharma lobby badly.

Maharishi Patanjali
Maharishi Patanjali

This significantly reduced the earnings of pharma companies and that is the main reason why these pharma lobby wants to defame Bharat’s traditional ayurvedic treatment methods.

But this is not the only reason, they get more power to battle legal fights because an act allows them to do. So they take the full advantage of it and try every possible way to defame Patanjali and Ayurveda.

What is that act or statement in the law?

It is “The Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) Act, 1954”.

Formed by our selected (he was not elected but favored to be PM by Gandhi) Prime Minister Nehru. He replicated the old Britishers’ law to defame Ayurveda and raise allopathy on Indian citizens.

Here is a complete PDF embedded for reading:

People think that Supreme Court is anti-ayurvedic because it is guided by left-minded few judges who hate India’s traditional culture. But this is partially true. In summary of above act, Patanjali cannot claim that they can cure any of 54 diseases even if they can cure them.

In reality, almost every disease can be cured which is mentioned in the act list. But our legal front failed to acknowledge our traditional knowledge of Maharishi Sushruta, Maharishi Charaka, and more.

This shoddy act made pharma lobby win every single time against Patanjali. On the other side, allopathy failed to cure the disease of seriously ill individuals, unless he/she has huge money to waste.

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