Why does my Minecraft keep crashing?

No matter if you use Minecraft java edition or Windows 10 edition. Minecraft launcher may get crash due to numerous reasons. When I was on a low specification computer even my Minecraft keeps on crashing. But that is not always the case, the game can be played with low specifications too, all you need to do is change few settings to low so it doesn’t hit your hardware resources.


But things get tricky if you are on a decent computer that can play heavy games too. So let’s check out some of the commonly known issues why Minecraft crashes and common solutions.

Why does Minecraft java keep crashing?

The most common issue is Minecraft crashing at launch, this happens when your system has either too old or too new (beta) version of Java. Make sure you have the latest and stable version of Java that’s it.

Why is my Minecraft crashing when I launch it?

If the Minecraft launcher is not causing the issue, instead, playing games causes the problem, then you have misconfigured the settings too high that system crashes while running the game. You can try lowering some values to normal for sometime and try to figure out what causes the crash.

Below is the recommended settings for medium or mediocre gaming system:

Minecraft: Video Settings
Minecraft: Video Settings

Most resource-hungry settings can be graphics, render distance, smooth lighting, view bobbing. You need to experiment little with min-max options in order to match your hardware use case.

Still, my Minecraft keeps crashing!

If the above things are not helpful then all you need to do is update the graphics card driver, revert any changes you remembered, try a reinstall of Minecraft once. That’s it.

One of above solution will definitely fix the crashing issue of Minecraft. If you are still facing any issue, let us known in the comment section below, we’ll try to sort that out.

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