What we write in acknowledgement?

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In an acknowledgement section of a document, paper, or book, you typically express gratitude and recognition to individuals, groups, or organizations that have contributed in some way to the completion of the work.


Here’s a general guide on what to include:

  • Individual Contributions: Acknowledge people who directly contributed to your work. This could involve providing feedback, conducting research, or offering support.
  • Professional Assistance: Mention individuals or organizations that provided technical support, guidance, or resources that significantly aided your work.
  • Financial Support: If your work was funded or supported financially by grants, scholarships, institutions, or organizations, acknowledge their contribution.
  • Personal Support: Recognize friends, family, or colleagues who offered encouragement, understanding, or assistance throughout the process.
  • Mention Specific Contributions: Be specific about what each person or entity contributed. This can be as simple as a note of appreciation or a brief description of their involvement.
  • Respectful Tone: Maintain a professional and respectful tone throughout the acknowledgement section.

Here’s an example:

Tailor the content to suit your specific situation and the level of formality required for the document. Always ensure that everyone mentioned in the acknowledgements has given their consent to be included.

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