What is shared hosting?

To host a project or website online we make use of a web hosting service and the beginning would be a shared hosting, which is easy to begin with and inexpensive for an under developing projects.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple sites are hosted and managed on a single physical server. Many users utilize the resources of that single server that keeps the costs low.

Each user gets a section of a server in which they can host their project and website files. It is like living in a common paying guest accommodation where the same room is shared with other guests like you. It is actually good for new blogs that has low traffic, or small sites that don’t require much resources.

Shared hosting
Shared hosting – single server is hosting and managing multiple sites.

Shared servers can hosts hundreds of users on a single server, which totally depends upon the type of server a company uses to manage its services. Usually, no hosting company or service will reveal what exact number of users they put in on their servers but not more than what it cannot handle.

PRO-TIP: Make frequent backups of your project on a shared host, as inexpensive things don’t have expensive features and backup is one of them. Keep at least two copies, one locally and one online.

How web hosting companies manage their shared accounts?

You’ll often see cPanel or some control dashboard to manage your shared hosting account. Such control panels are again managed by an admin account, WHM (Web Host Manager), a powerful program that allows administrative access (creation, deletion, setting limits, and account quotas) to the backend of cPanel.

Is shared hosting the right option for you?

Shared hosting is an ideal solution for small projects like a new blog, static website, or anything which does not resource hungry. Many bloggers start with shared hosting and scale their blog later to a virtual private or a dedicated server when they feel shared hosting unable to handle the load or too slow for them.


Shared hosting is the most economical and time-tested service to host your small projects like blogs, websites, and you can start your journey with the littlest cost.

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