What are the various types of grants and scholarships for CDL training?

Commercial driver’s license or CDL training is a program for interested candidates to obtain a truck driver’s license. There are three levels of license A, B, and C that decides the type of trucks you can drive. During these recent times, the market has seen new growth in demand for truck drivers. With the scope of truck driving opportunities increasing, there is also a rise in candidates interested in the same field. To obtain a CDL, one needs to enroll in a specific program and pass the skills test, knowledge test, and physical examination (drug screening).


CDL training is an excellent opportunity for people trying to restart their careers who come from less economically well-off houses or are interested in the field. There are various CDL grants that one can choose from according to their eligibility to pay the fees for the program. Here are a few types of grants and scholarships that one can choose from.

Pell Grant.

Before you consider any grant, you need to understand that they have eligibility criteria to be met for you to apply. Pell grants, unlike other loans, don’t need to be paid back. They offer opportunities to people who don’t have a bachelor’s degree and are looking forward to career schools like CDL training. The grant can reach up to $4,000 each semester if you fit the criteria. The criteria are decided once you fill out the form, and the process begins from there. It is important to note that the institute you choose to get your CDL training from should be a part of the Pell grant to apply.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.

The government offers opportunities to people looking to make a fresh start. People currently unemployed due to layoffs, natural disasters like tsunamis or hurricanes, or people who have been through bankruptcies can make the most of this. Anyone over the age of 18 that is going through barriers to employment and is American can apply for the WIOA program. It is important to note that the paperwork can vary from state to state, so it is recommended to check each state’s requirements before applying.

Women in Trucking Foundation.

Truck driving opportunities are not limited to men but everyone in general. Women in trucking foundation accept applications twice a year and provide opportunities to women trying to enter the industry. The scholarship can reach up to $1,000 per recipient and be used only for educational purposes. The eligibility criteria is that a female trying to advance in her career in the fields of safety, driving, technical, or leadership can apply for the scholarship.

Final thoughts.

Apart from CDL grants and scholarships, some companies provide opportunities to get training and join them on a contract basis. A company-sponsored CDL training can save a lot of money and provide you with a job as soon as you complete your training based on your skill set. Choosing schools with a great CDL program that should match your grant requirements is the main thing to consider before applying.

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