What are the Challenges of Social Media?

Social media is the only platform where we can connect with others, share our opinions and contents.

But now every social media website is facing modern-day issues which are the biggest challenge to overcome as soon as we can, otherwise, this freedom can disturb the law and order.

Let’s see what the challenges of social media in detail.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg – Chief Executive Officer of Facebook

Fake News and Rumors

Believe it or not, fake news is spreading like cancer in our society. In the history of mankind, the sharing of fake news, rumors, or misinformation has never been easier.

The worst problem is one easily believes in the fake news shared on social media websites and various chatting platforms.

The biggest challenge is if the same fake news is told everywhere one has to consider it true because this is the way we humans communicate, we think how everyone can say wrong things.

As of now, there is no direct solution to this. All we have to do is moderate everything manually, like to verify the original source, confirm the correctness, detect falsification and whatnot.

The biggest challenge is the moderation of content shared on social platforms. It is so big that a small team wouldn’t be enough. However, control of highly shared content on social media is possible, still, it’s not very effective to block or cut this news.

So the fake news challenge is going to be present there and the fact is on election time it very common to see such fake news.

Echo Chambers

We mostly follow and engage with people we agree with and it’s much easier to block, mute, and unsubscribe the people with whom we disagree. This feature knew as echo chambers.

While the social site’s ranking algorithms are optimized to show you what you want to see based on your previous preference. On the other side, it hides a lot of things that you should actually see.

These echo chambers are also the biggest challenge of social media platforms. This is really a nice feature, but with education things.

No Control on the Shared and Stolen Contents

A website can control the visibility of contents on their own network but once it is shared on social sites, it becomes an out of control thing. These days it’s common to see cases where kids accidentally watch age-restricted contents even when all the child safety features are turned on.

A real-life example could be YouTube. There are many creators who make informative videos, but people download those videos and share that directly from their social account.

While a reupload on YouTube again can be caught by YouTube itself, but if it is reuploaded on Facebook then it can not be traced easily, due to many privacy filters.

Even if you trace down the reupload, it is a time-consuming step to take that down while the content is consumed by many users.

It’s illegal to do so, but happening all over the world just to gain popularity. All the likes and shares are eaten by some unknown person while the creator gets a fraction of his work.

Data Scandal and Theft

Data scams and theft weren’t back when social media sites were in its initial stage, but in the last few years, we have seen so many cases against the data scams and data theft.

Every country is on high alert to safeguard the data of its citizens. On the other hand, social media users must understand the cost of their privacy on their own. Users shouldn’t upload any sensitive content or information unless they know what they are doing.

Social media platforms are free to use, but we are actually paying them by being a product for their platform. Their business runs on our behaviors and interests, what we like or not, and whatnot.

The worst thing is our data is used or sold to big organizations even used for major political agendas without our consent.

Facebook & Cambridge Analytica data scandal is the real-life truth.

The fact is Agreements, Privacy Policy, and Terms are just for fun. No one read those unless they stuck in serious act.

These are the biggest challenges of social media today. We wish to see some direct and indirect solutions over these issues while maintaining the freedom of everyone.

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