Ways to Grow Instagram Following Without Paid Ads

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Have you ever thought what it actually takes to grow an Instagram account from the 100 followers mark to the 10K under a year or so?

If you think the answer is paid ads, then think again!

Within a span of mere 8 months, the team from the reliable sources can easily grew the spontaneous IG account and can end up adding hundreds of new followers on weekly basis. These teams have already come up with the IG efforts in few months’ time.

Grow Instagram Following

Previously, the channel will only have few hundreds of followers, most of whom are clients or friends who have been associated with the business creator for some time before. Within a span of few months, you can actually feel the growth in the IG sector well and can feel the difference in the customer number.

How Did They Get to Do it?

Instagram is always noted to be one visual medium, which was mainly designed as a photo sharing and video sharing platform. It comprises of a pure play form of aesthetic framework, which can always align well with the core values of some of the most creative forms of businesses out there in the market.

On the other hand, Facebook is stated to be a great source for revealing some of the more intimate perspective or even the personality of the company. But, then you have IG, which is stated to be perfect for just validating how relevant the brand of the company is. It is also known to have been perceived by the popular cultures quite well. You will come to learn more about it and some added values too.

You could not churn out some of the highly engaging and well thought out imagery depending on the client’s work on daily basis, nor can you actually dedicate resources for some original content creations. Therefore, you need to focus towards a curatorial approach over here. Without posting work that you get to produce, you can focus on sharing content that will inspire you to create.

This content will actually span some of the modernistic approach towards art, focusing on the graphic design and then working on the illustration. The relationship is likely to be associated with the fashion too. It is furthermore related directly to the brands that you have been working hard to create.

Once you have these approaches covered and right in your mind, you can end up creating one visually engaging IG account for brand. It is also associated with gaining massive following in a matter of few months.

Focusing on the Flow and Imagery of it All:

Subject matter, image or photography style, and composition are some of the critical points for making the content look quite appealing. It should be associated with the curating content in feed. But, the most promising factor for you to curate the images has to deal with the color of it all. A greater form of color story can always help in creating results, which are visually stunning while scrolling through feed for first time ever. It will also force the curator quite a lot to check at feed as whole and without judging any of the image quality by single posts.

  • It will not take over few hours a week for designing the flow of feed in a careful manner. S, it does not always have to be a daunting task.
  • You can focus on blocks of the 24 posts, or it can be eight rows covering three images each. By playing well with the image and composition orders and with various crops, it can prove to be easy for designing ways an audience might get to view videos and images.
  • You can be sure of one fact that every blog in the posts will use specified color story. It can always blend well from one block to another.
  • By working on it meticulously, you will always be in total control of the aesthetic value of the feed and in ways those are presented to community.
  • It can also keep the audiences from posting any of the random contents and will encourage them to post on strict schedule.

Heading Towards the Captions Now:

Captions are always known to give a head start to context and will add meaning to posts. Whenever you are curating feed where the images will not prove to be yours, it is always mandatory to share one view point and that needs to be rather informative than anything else.

  • For captioning the posts, it is always advisable to use one friendly voice, which will honor the artist that you have sourced from. It will also be used for informing the audience about the said piece and things that you might like about the same post as dealing with.
  • It is always mandatory for you to keep the posts as succinct as it might be possible for you. You have to credit and tag artists that you choose to display your work with.
  • On the other hand, always remember that captions can definitely run long. Once you end up with an active community that is following you, you can easily create longer captions, which can end up producing higher engagement rate.

Need Additions in the Hash Tags Section:

For maximizing your current post’s reach, you have to work on another crucial factor of IG, which are hash tags. Whenever a post uses such hash tags, it will become visible within that set. On the other hand, if any single post of yours is able to own hash tag set, then it will sit in top eight images. It can further work on engagement for that said post and also dealing with the post’s account. It can also help in improving the value of the post dramatically.

Make sure to understand these notions well and things will start to work out pretty promisingly for you. Using IG for your business growth is not that difficult anymore.

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