Unable to install “Package”: snap “Package” has “install-snap” change in progress

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Ubuntu introduced snap as default package source to install latest applications and software. But it is new and slow as per my experience, whenever I try to install some big application or one that has slow network from backend takes hell lot of time that ultimetly I get error when try to install once more.

Unable to install “<Package>”: snap “<Package>” has “install-snap” change in progress.

Package could be name of any application or software.

The solution is to just abort the installation and retry to install it. It happens that a package has too slow network connection and it gets stuck on network transmission and package fails to install.

See how to abort and reinstall from terminal. I’m trying this in command line because there I can see where it gets slow or fails to install the package, or you can simply abort from here and install again from Ubuntu store.

snap changes

It will show something like this:

ID  Status Spawn               Ready  Summary
10  Doing  today at 22:44 IST  -      Install "Package" snap from "latest/stable" channel

You can simply see the status that it is “Doing” and it was more than a few minutes for me.

Just abort this and try to install again.

snap abort 10

Here you need to use ID of the snap package which is 10 in my case.

Now either you can install the same package from Ubuntu store or from terminal like this:

snap install <Package>

This way you can solve this issue.

I hope this tutorial would be helpful to you.

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