Top 10 technology jobs in India

Technology jobs are the hottest and most desirable position of youth generation as an immense number of engineers, and technical graduates pass from Indian colleges.

IT sector in India is booming with new talent, and its steady growth in the global market has given it necessary global exposure in the market. Most of us think that technology jobs are only related to the private sector, but that’s not true at all, there are some IT jobs provided by Government of India. The job security related to IT jobs in private enterprises is low, but it is quite high when compared with IT jobs in Government sectors.

However, no matter how you look at them, it is still a promising option.

The number of colleges providing IT degree in India is immense, and every year the number of students is also increasing. Job vacancies are also rising at a steady pace as companies are eyeing for talented aspirants who can be beneficial for their business.

Technology Jobs

Many new small-mid scale businesses and startups are coming up in the market by recruiting young talents from various part of the India.

However not every IT jobs can be counted in the top ten list and only a few makes it to the top tier list. The best part of these jobs is that there are a lot of opportunities adorned with tremendous growth and promising salary.

Top 10 technology jobs in India

The following list will describe some of the most desirable technology jobs in India both in private and government sector:

#01. Data Scientist

Data scientist jobs are the current rage in the market as the need for data is never ending, and every company needs someone to handle the data. Every company is now associated with Big Data, and they need people to analyze the vast amount of data. This individual earns around ten lacks per month.

#02. Data Base Administrator

Database administrators, grabs a crucial position in the company, and they are one who administers an enormous amount of data related to a particular project. A DBA engineers have a jaw-dropping pay scale when compared with others, and they earn around nine lacks per annum.

 #03. Project Manager

Projects Manager serves as the central head of a project, and they possess all the necessary skill to grab and run client’s project. In recent years there is a huge demand for project management individuals due to increase in a number of incoming projects in a company. The average salary starts from 9 lac and goes up to 24 lacks.

#04. Business Intelligence

Person, working in business intelligence team in an IT company is an essential employee and the demand for this job in India is immense. They are needed for analyzing all the business data that are important to the company, and they are rewarded with a salary of 9 lacks per annum with added benefits.

#05. Developer Job

Many engineering students aspire to become a developer in a company whether as the web, mobile or software developer. They are the main individuals in the company who develop things for the company and in return they are given a salary around 3 lacks per annum.

#06. IT Profession Job in SBI

State Bank of India higher some graduated belonging to IT background, and they are the ones who handle all kind of technological jobs of the bank. It is tough to get a job in SBI, but once you get through SBI Recruitment, there is no looking back. Every IT professional in SBI earns around Rs 40,000 per month in the starting year.

#07. HR Manager 

Human resource manager in a company look for talents for a company, and they grab an important position in the enterprise. During an interview, they test the skill of the candidate and check whether they will be beneficial for the company. Most of the HR managers earn around 3 lacks per annum during their starting year, and with experience, it increases up to 12 lacks.

#08. Network Architect

Network engineers, are the highly respected jobs in an IT department whether it falls in the private or public sector. These individuals take care of the computer and telecommunication network in a company. The salary starts around four lacks per annum and goes up to 15 lacks per annum.

#09. Cloud Computing Professional

Many new companies are adopting the cloud computing process and for that are hiring professionals cloud computing skills. With proper, you can earn up to 20 Lac per annum, and this salary goes up with companies.

#10. Tech Support

Tech support is one of the highly demanded IT job  and their primary job is to provide an end support on behalf of a company. The starting salary is not very high for this particular job, but with experience, you can earn up to 13 lacks per year.

So this is the list of top 10 technology jobs in India.

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