Domain Name System

How to unblock sites in restrictive countries?


Just moved to a restrictive country like Russia and China and are upset you can’t access your favorite sites? No problem – here’s how to bypass all firewalls.

What is Reverse DNS (rDNS)?

Representation of Forward and Reverse DNS

You may have already heard of DNS (Domain Name Service) which is a service that resolved the domain name to an IP (Internet Protocol) address. DNS is like a contact book, where individuals can access information by domain names while internet browsers interact with IP addresses. Here DNS translates the domain names to IP addresses […]

How to resolve the “Temporary failure in name resolution” issue?

Temporary Failure in Name Resolution

Temporary failure in name resolution isn’t a common issue, it is something that only occurs in events like when you have moved your servers from one host to another and changed the DNS entries and something that needs to be propagated in order to work properly. Or you have played some edits in the DNS […]