Easy steps to make a cozy corner for more concentration while studying at home

Studying at home

When studying at home, it’s essential to designate a space for these activities. Preferably, your studying corner should be in your room or any other area of the house where other family members won’t disturb you. So, whether you’re studying for the next exam, or preparing for a major career change, here’s what you can […]

6 exercises to train your brain

Exercises to Train Your Brain

Today most of us go to the gym to exercise our muscles, run for our endurance and do yoga for our flexibility. Although these exercises are recommended and healthy, we sometimes forget to exercise the most important part of our body, our brain. Our brain is made up of nerve cells called neurons that are […]

How to train your brain to focus?

Exercises to Train Your Brain

For the most part, multitasking isn’t real or even possible. Why do we ask our brains to do it? Because … It makes us feel better; when we can switch around and flit from one little task to another, we feel like we’re doing a lot even if we’re actually accomplishing less. Because … It […]

6 biggest problems with social media

Social Media Problems

The social media revolution we faced several years ago made it easier than ever before to stay in touch with friends and family. We can easily share photos, interesting or funny links as well as communicate with our friends and loved ones. But what happens when these possibilities take us too far and start taking […]