Easy steps to make a cozy corner for more concentration while studying at home

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When studying at home, it’s essential to designate a space for these activities. Preferably, your studying corner should be in your room or any other area of the house where other family members won’t disturb you.

Studying at home

So, whether you’re studying for the next exam, or preparing for a major career change, here’s what you can do to create a cozy corner where you can concentrate on a particular topic for hours at a time.

Get comfortable.

If you want to retain information faster, you must get comfortable first. So, play some relaxing music, let the natural light in and turn off your phone to avoid distractions.

Still, don’t forget that getting too comfortable can also do more harm than good. Instead, you can change out of your pajamas and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea before you open the book and start learning new things.

Choose a comfy chair.

You might find it hard to concentrate if you don’t have a comfortable chair to sit on during long study sessions.

So, be sure to consider buying an ergonomic chair with built-in lumbar support that follows the natural curve of your spine. Make sure that your chair is also adjustable so that you can find your ideal seating position. Luckily, there are many comfortable chairs on the Australian market, and you’ll surely find the one that suits you most.

Reduce distractions and keep your focus.

As mentioned earlier, it’s vital to overcome distractions. For example, it’s easy to forget about studying if you start watching funny videos on YouTube or TikTok, which is why it would be best to turn off your phone and limit your screen time. If, however, you’re using an eLearning platform, be sure to train yourself to stay focused on the subject, especially if you’re facing a new problem or information that isn’t easy to remember.

Keep your desk in order.

There are many psychological benefits of having an organized desk. For example, an organized space will help you reduce stress and improve focus, but it will also boost your productivity and improve mental stability.

So, if you tend to leave papers, pens and sticky notes all over your desk; it would be best to clean the area after studying so that you can start a new study session without having to worry about the mess.

Choose the style of your study corner.

Some people prefer the minimalist design, mainly because a crowded study area can make them feel distracted. If you’re one of those people, consider keeping all your study materials in your drawers. But, if you want to add more details to your study corner, it’s advisable to decorate your desk with potted indoor plants, planners and to-do lists.

That way, you will create a designated area for studying, meaning it will be easier for you to stay focused for hours at a time. What’s more, you can also decorate your study corner with posters, artwork, or any other meaningful decor that will help you boost productivity and deliver better results.

Light it up.

You will get tired and eventually frustrated if you have to squint at your book all the time. But there are a few easy ways to fix this issue. First, if you fancy general lighting, be sure to switch to LED lights. LED lights will help you stay engaged and read your study materials regardless of whether you like to study in the morning or late at night.

But there are better solutions than LED lights. For example, you can find a lovely table lamp that matches your design. That way, you won’t have to replace your lighting system, and your study area will always be illuminated.

Stock up on supplies.

There’s nothing worse than having to interrupt your study session just because you can’t find a new pen or a new sheet of paper. If that’s ever happened to you, it’s advisable to stock up on supplies and keep them close by so that you can always reach them without losing focus. It would be best to find small organizing boxes you can fit in your drawers, or if your desk is large, you can keep your study materials behind the laptop.

Go outside.

Studying outside can be very beneficial for your mental and physical health. Not only will you get a chance to breathe fresh air, but you’ll also get vitamin D from the sun. Still, if the summer heat is unbearable, you will have to stay in the shade. Studying under one of the best pergolas in Sydney will help you stay in the shade and create a cozy study corner. So, if you or your other family members have to study daily, be sure to extend your living space and designate a special outdoor space for studying.

Remember to leave.

When you create a study corner you love, it’s easy to convince yourself to spend more time in this area. However, this might not be the best idea, mainly because it can affect your motivation and productivity. You might even be tempted to do everything there, including watching TV shows, working, or even eating.

But, it’s essential to designate another corner for these activities because if you continue to do everything in your study corner, you’ll get used to taking regular breaks or finding new ways to distract yourself from studying. What’s more, if you teach yourself to only study in your study corner, your mind will realize that you’re allowed to take breaks and recharge until the next study session.


Studying at home can be difficult. If you get bored, you might want to take a snack break or convince yourself that it’s okay to watch another episode of your favorite TV show and neglect your other tasks. But, if you follow these directions, you’ll manage to create a cozy study space and boost your productivity.

We understand it might be challenging to dedicate one corner to studying, but if you want to make progress and achieve better results at school or work, it’s essential to make some adjustments along the way.

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