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Artificial intelligence (AI) enables computers to learn from their own experience, adapt to the given parameters and perform tasks that were previously possible only for humans.

Now there are neural networks that work just like the neurons in the human brain. Using algorithms, they can recognize hidden patterns and correlations in raw data, cluster and classify them, and continually learn and improve over time.

Principle of computer learning.

Any AI project has two different components.

Firstly, you need to take the data and mark it up. Data markup is a very simple process, but the work is monotonous and time-consuming. It is necessary to assess one hundred thousand to a million pieces of data to train a neural network.

Secondly, you need to write a neural network. This is, in fact, a simulation of a small piece of the human brain, which then, just like a person, will be able to solve a problem. During the training process, the neural network is “punished” for incorrect answers and “rewarded” for correct ones. It simplifies the creation of any solution.

Once data markers complete their part of the job, the data is checked for mistakes; based on the received information they start training the model and develop an API.

The main idea of the SYPWAI project.

The main idea behind SYPWAI is that anyone can participate in neural network training. The process seems similar to a children’s game. Thus, everyone can earn and benefit the society at the same time. The main task of artificial intelligence is to predict the best way to achieve this goal by providing all the possible scenarios.

The SYPWAI platform provides complete anonymity to its clients, if the client does not want to tell about his achievements. In other words, market makers and other third-party companies will not be able to retrieve customer data. In this case, the platform clients will have to undergo identification procedures.

First, you need to complete a test task. Since it is very simple, the SYPWAI project team will continue cooperation only with people who have chosen 99% of the answers correctly. At this stage, you can receive just hundredths of cents in cryptocurrency.

Further work is planned as follows: first, you need to do your part of the task, and the other participants check it afterwards. When the answers of most people match, the data get sent out; if seven people out of ten gave one answer, and the other three people came up with a different answer, the larger number wins.

This is how the users’ confidence rating is created: if they deliberately choose the wrong option, their rating goes down, and they will receive less money.

Importance of neural networks.

Neural networks are ideal for solving complex problems in real life situations.

They can study and model relationships between inputs and outputs that are non-linear and complex; make generalizations and conclusions; reveal hidden connections, patterns and predictions; and model highly variable data (e.g. financial time series data) and variances needed to predict rare events (e.g. fraud detection).

Computers have the ability to understand the world around them as well as humans, thanks to the power of artificial neural networks. The need for the use of neural networks is growing across a wide range of industries and market sectors.

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