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Whenever you hear or read the term Swiss Made, it doesn’t mean another brand; it means class, quality, and sophistication. It means a seal of approval. You should know that more than half of the luxury wristwatches around the world are from Switzerland.

Swiss Watch

You should always buy a wristwatch from the top watch brands. Here are the top five brands that you should buy.


The origin of this brand is far south in Switzerland in Grenchen. Léon Breitling is the founder of the company who started it in 1884. Breitling manufactures the highest quality of aviator chronographs. These watches also have several added features. This brand offers a lot of detail on its dials.

The Breitling watches are well known for their sporty-archaic base characters. Watches are all COSC certified. These are the best chronometers that you will find. You will also find that these watches have both hand winding and or automatic winding mechanisms. These watches are known for accurately stopping time and also performing several mathematical calculations.


Louis Brandt founded the company in 1848. Ever since then the company has produced some of the most exquisite wristwatches. Omega is one of the most luxurious watch brands in the world next to Rolex. You would be amazed to hear that Omega is the partner of NASA and also the choice of George Clooney and James Bond. It is the best Swiss watch that signifies “Scientification of time.” The specs are amazing. The Omega has the most tested watches in the world.

The brand is known for producing some of the most classic watches such as the Omega Speedmaster Professional. These are highly decorated and have a modern, sporty design. You can wear these watches wherever and whenever you want. Omega is known to capture the eyes of athletes, and the public both in the past and the present.

TAG Heuer

Perhaps the most sought after brand after Rolex and Omega is Tag Heuer. It has its origins in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The Tag Heuer’s headquarters are in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is 992 meters above sea level. The brand is famous for its elegant watches. It also produces some of the best chronographs in the world. The Monaco and Autavia are two of its genuine classics and the most sought after chronographs in the world.

The brand has a very close connection to racing sports. You will find most Formula 1 racing drivers wear this brand. Tag Heuer was also the first watch that went into space. The overall design and look of the Tag Heuer are classic and elegant. The bezels and the dials are all perfectly placed for use.


The factory that has been producing luxury watches since 1856 is in Le Locle. Georges Favre-Jacot started the company when he was 22. Ever since then the company has been producing the best and the most luxury watches for men around the world.

Today you might know the brand for its chronographs. One of the most sought after chronographs around the world is El Primero. It was the world’s first automatic chronograph. The watch has the 36,000 oscillations per minute. It is one of the most accurate watches that you can buy.

The company produces some of the top class and stylish watches too. These watches are for all those who wish to have a sophisticated look. You can wear these watches to the party, to a sporting event, or in your daily life.


Rolex is a world-renowned brand of luxury watches. It has been producing the best watches since 1905. Hans Wilsdorf is the founder of the company. The company has its science lab where they design and manufacture the watches.

People recognize Rolex due to its value and brand history. These are the most elegant and complex watches that you will wear. These watches are robust, reliable, and fast and are maintenance-free. Rolex constructs its watches according to the highest standards of automatic movements. Over the years Rolex has produced the most luxurious watches for both men and women.

These are the top wristwatch brands in the world. These are expensive but will give you the sophistication you need.

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