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Crime has increased a lot over the past decades and it is our duty to stay protected along with our family in whichever possible method. One of the best technology that is invented for our protection is the Stun Gun.

Best Stun Guns with High Voltage Stunning

The Stun Guns evolved in the past decades becoming more effective, discreet and safer to use. With more innovative features increased in the Stun Guns, it is quite possible to generate more than 200,000 Volts. High voltage Stun Gun is enough for strike down a man disabled for more than 30 Minutes.

Stun Guns works with the simpler process as when it is being pressed against the body of attackers before releasing the electronic charge with the very high voltage and low Amps.

In fact, the Stun Guns have the capability to reduce damage but disable the attacker temporarily. When certain amount of voltage is passed in the body, the person would have the excruciating pain, blood sugar level depleted, muscles will spasm and this offers sufficient time for the victim to escape for contacting the emergency services.

Many different types of Stun Guns are available with varied Voltage capacity and Stunning capability so it is necessary to choose the Best Stun Guns according to the requirement.

Personal Safety is quite important so that it is necessary to take the appropriate decision especially for girls and children to defend themselves. Choosing Pepper spray is old fashion as they are not the reliable and effective tool for the self defense. Stun guns are better option for making the self defense in the reliable manner.

Best stun Guns with high voltage stunning.

Stun Gun Models are available in varied shapes, colors and sizes so it is much convenient to choose them according to the preferred requirement.

Stun Guns are also available based on the smaller size that could be hidden easily inside the palm. Many Stun Gun models are also designed for keeping it in the small bag so that they can be used instantly when under attack. Nowadays the stun guns are available with the flashlight and it could be easily hide in pocket.

Stun guns are available in the identical terms of technology but they differ with the form factor. Therefore, after conducting a long research here is the list of top 5 different models based on their features and brand dominating with this year trend.

#1. Vipertek VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun

The Vipertek VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun is one of the popular model with small sized design. Compact form factor and simple designed with the coated rubber material offer more safety for handling. Rubber coat also helps to avoid slipping from the hand of user.

Vipertek VTS-880 Mini Stun Gun has the internal rechargeable battery with features and flashlight function. One of the interesting fact is that this Mini Stun Gun have the classical design with Safety Switch and Free Holster to stun immediately.

#2. Vipertek VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun

The Vipertek VTS-989 is quite powerful Heavy Duty Stun Gun and Lethal Weapon. Vipertek VTS-989 Heavy Duty Stun Gun delivers upto 53,000,000 Volts so it is much enough for literally stunning someone or target.

This lethal weapon is quite powerful and small available at the lowest price tag. Stun guns have the identical technology that is set with the Form factor. 2 shock plates are available with the rubber cover ensuring the strong grip and convenient button.

#3. Sabre S-1000SF Tactical Stun Gun

The Sabre S-1000SF Tactical Stun Gun is the Best Stun Guns for getting the inexpensive personal protection tool. With the limited budget, the Sabre S-1000SF has the stylish design and robust build quality. In built Flashlight offers the luminosity of 300 Lumens.

The Body design of the stun gun has the high durability aluminum making lightweight as well as sturdy. High capacity built-in battery that delivers 2.5 mA is quite enough for neutralizing the target within seconds.

Basically, 2 year warranty is also offered for the product and it is much easier to use this product in case of emergency. Thick clothing of rubber give you firm grip and much suitable for better handling of the stun gun.

#4. Guard Dog Security Diablo Tactical Flashlight and Security Stun Gun

For stunning your target just in a second, Guard Dog Security Diablo brings you the convenient option for getting the finest answer.

Sturdy and highly compact design is quite efficient to stun the opponent. It looks exactly like the regular flashlight and it is much easier to carry from one place to another.

Guard Dog Security Diablo Tactical Security Stun Gun delivers the 4.5 Million Volts and it is patented with the inner-stun technology giving much more safer idea when compared to the regular stun guns.

The body of this Guard Dog Security Diablo Stun Gun is made with aircraft grade alloy and it ensures the firm grip to the maximum.

#5. Guard Dog Security Special Ops Tactical Stun Gun

Do you like to have the professional grade stun gun at the most decent price tag? Guard Dog Security Special Ops Tactical Stun Gun is the finest choice as it has the tactical flashlight with stun gun.

The Guard Dog Security Tactical Stun Gun releases the 8,000,000 volt charge and it is quite enough for disabling the attacker within seconds.

It is considered as the best stun gun with the in-built LED Flashlight that offers 50 lumens on low and 380 Lumens on high. Lifespan of the LED Flashlight reaches up to 100,000 hours. It is necessary to charge the batter for 8 hours before the stun gun is used.


Stun Guns are the excellent choice for making the self defence and it is quite safe to use. In fact the Stun guns are quite affordable with high end technology with delivering the high voltage for stunning the opponent.

With the stylish design and compact Stun Guns are available to prevent your attacker to assault you; we recommend you that these are the finest option for stunning your attacker and disabling them temporarily.

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