Top 10 Social Bookmarking and Sharing Websites

Social Bookmarking and Sharing have become one of the best ways in today’s world of internet to promote one’s website, brand, product or any content. Social Bookmarking in actuality refers to an online service through which users can add, annotate, share and edit bookmarks of websites and web documents in order to promote them and make them available to be accessed by other people.

Social Sharing and Bookmarking

This is considered to be one of the best and yet easiest methods to make your content reach out to people. You can share the link to your website or content on various websites and multiple platforms and if you do social bookmarking on the topmost and best websites, then you have a great chance to make your content extremely popular and earn good bucks from it.

There are many websites on which you can do social bookmarking and sharing, and some of the top websites are mentioned below.

Top 10 Websites for Social Sharing and Bookmarking


Facebook is the number one social networking website in the world and has billions of users. It allows for social bookmarking as well and given the huge user base, it has also become the topmost social bookmarking and sharing website as people tend to share more on it than any other website.


Twitter has emerged as a great platform for people of all genres and classes to connect with each other and has hence become a great social bookmarking platform as one can share their content with all classes and types of people across the globe.

Google Plus

The Google Plus is just another platform made primarily to beat Facebook and Twitter but now it is depreciated since it is not accepted as a first communication medium. However, still Google Plus is famous as the best networking platform.


StumbleUpon is an amazing blend of social bookmarking, voting, networking, web surfing, search and blogging. The best about StumbleUpon is that it can send major traffic with its user base of around 3 million users.


Timely and shocking news oriented, Reddit stories are instantly voted upon and if liked by the community as a whole, can drive incredible traffic and users which have the power to burn your servers.


The mission of Newsvine is to bring big and little media together in such a way which respects established journalism. It is an open source, community news service, which lets members customise the news viewed.


The godfather of geeks and nerds, Slashdot bookmarks are still quite powerful. Slashdot is a timely news source for technology related news with a heavy slant towards Linux and Open Source issues.


Diigo offers great features to all its users and hence is a very popular social bookmarking website. Diigo allows the users to highlight portions of a page and then further edit and write on it as you would do on a piece of paper. Not only this, you can also share that with your friends and groups, and even search for all the pages which are saved publicly.


This is another hugely popular social bookmarking website. In this website, you can not only create a page for your bookmarks which is extremely organised and which can be shared with all your friends, but you can also access it from any computer.

At, you can get fantastic features for social bookmarking and sharing, which includes having your bookmarks in folders and tagging those bookmarks with keywords. You can also share them with others with just one simple click.

These are the top 10 websites for social bookmarking and sharing.

Some Other Social Bookmarking and Sharing Websites

  • APSense
  • BizSugar
  • Blogmarks
  • Digg
  • Flipboard
  • Folkd
  • LinkedIn
  • Newsvine
  • Pinterest
  • Pocket
  • Tumblr
  • Vkontakte

Final Words

Social Bookmarking and sharing are of extreme importance in today’s world for it not only brings a lot of traffic onto your website but also helps you to show your content to a larger audience. And by doing social bookmarking and sharing on the above-mentioned websites which are hugely famous and popular, you can successfully make your content available to a lot of people and can hence be really successful in all your endeavours.

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