SMTP Hosting Providers with High Email Deliverability

Do you know that SMTP is a protocol needed for sending as well as receiving an email?

This application is a layer-based protocol that facilitates transmission as well as a distribution over the internet. In this article, we are going to name some of the best service providers along with a little introduction about SMTP.

Introduction SMTP Server Hosting

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is also known as a sent mail server.

This tech has been around since the 1980s.

These were the times when guidelines were developed to let communication servers to develop a quick and consistent way for sending an electronic mail.


There are some intuitive and secure alternatives available to this. However, SMTP has become a gold standard of getting one’s message in the electronic realm. At its core, this is only a set of instructors used by servers to see how to send an email and to whom it should be sent. It was made to deal with the widespread issue of spam email.

SMTP Relay Service

For a relay not to be considered an open relay, it needs to meet certain security standards to step ahead. It has to be configured only to accept and forward a specific type of message.

These messages come from email clients who are authenticated and authorized. So, when the hosted SMTP server is secured properly, it doesn’t accept emails from non-local IP addresses to non-local mailboxes if they are issued from unauthorized users.

Unlimited SMTP Server Free

Many companies offer SMTP Mail server hosting for free.

However, these solutions are not meant for a long time and are low in quality. If you want a long and sustaining solution, then you better look for a premium paid solution.

Cheap SMTP for Free Email Marketing

Speaking of premium hosted SMTP Relay; some companies charge a bit for SMTP Hosting. When you want to subscribe to such service, make sure you do your research beforehand. This will equip you to make a well-informed decision and get the most bang for your buck. So take your time and investigate the market. It will play out in your favor.

SMTP Pricing

When doing your research, you need to take your time and compare prices. Just mind the features with pricing, and you will get a good deal for your money.

SMTP Mail Server Hosting Companies

Following we are going to list the top 10 hosted SMTP companies available. Following we are going to mention their names along with what makes them ideal according to your marketing needs. Take your time to go through the details.

1. MailGun

It’s a reliable service that helps you send transactional emails only. With this server, you can create and send transactional email momentarily without an issue.

2. PostMark

It’s a reputed hosted SMTP Service. This service is used to send transition emails only. It helps to create and send transactional emails with almost no cost. You can send, receive, track and store emails without an issue.

3. Pepipost

This is yet another tool that allows the user to send emails on a massive scale. There are two options provided, one is SMTP Relay, and the other is Web API. Once you choose the mode, the software takes care of handle other functions assure the email reaches recipient no matter what.


This service lets you create a newsletter and offers a powerful API for sending transactional emails with no monthly commitment or limit.

5. MailGet Bot

This is an independent email marketing services that even lets you track your sent emails with SMTP services and high delivery assurance.

6. MailJet

This is a reputed Best SMTP Hosting along with a proven email marketing solution that lets the user send, track, and deliver emails.

7. SendGrid

This is a cloud-based Host SMTP that lets you send and receive emails on a massive scale. You can run a marketing campaign and even send transactional emails without worrying about the email server.

8. Moosend

It’s effective email marketing software. It comes with a fast drag and drop option with Google Analytics tracking manages IP address with an unlimited custom field.

9. Amazon SES

This is an email service that provides an easy way to send transactional email and marketing emails using email addresses and domains.

10. SendinBlue

This is also a reputable SMTP hosting service that sends and receives an email in massive quantities at affordable rates.

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