Shrinkflation – the economics of stealing from customers

Do you know that big companies have started a new mind game to sell their items? This mind game is called shrinkflation. Shrinkflation (shrinking the inflation), is a way of minimizing the effects of inflation.

Unlike inflation where companies increase the cost of items; brands and manufacturers lessen the consumable items by a small margin in shrinkflation so that they can manufacture more in numbers without increasing the cost. So, consumers are buying more thinking of no change in cost.


We all have noticed once in a life that your favorite biscuit is now smaller in size, chips are less in weight, and telcos charge us for 28 days instead of 30 days. Some brands took this to next level by changing the product design so that consumer finishes the items instantly and have to buy them frequently.

Shrinkflation is a way of dealing with inflation, but it is the economics of stealing from customers, as brands are not sacrificing their profits even by a small margin for the sake of their loyal customers.

What customers can do to beat this shrinkflation?

Honestly, there is nothing much we can do unless a brand has become an exploiter. If a brand has started looting its customer for no reason then customers can raise their voices in consumer forums.




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