Salesforce CRM: Nurturing long-term relations amid small businesses and their customers

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In the highly competitive marketplace today, being a small sized business does not reduce the number of challenges or complications that come your way. These numbers loom large at all times in the form of new deals, closed contracts, existing customer relationships, and what not, despite you being the business owner as well as a social butterfly with hundreds of contacts and interactions!

So how do we go about things?

Salesforce CRM

CRM from is a well thought out solution, that suits all types of business critical needs within your firm. Since yours is a small businesses and it comes in numerous flavors, sales automation solutions range across contact manager software, up to full-featured small business CRM. It doesn’t matter if you work alone or have a modest staff, or even keep on hiring new employees. The small business CRM solution from Salesforce surely helps you retain existing clients, attract new ones as well as drive business bottomline.

Some of the features of this solution are:

Contact manager software in the cloud.

The tool is better than a conventional contact manager software or a small business CRM. It not only runs on the cloud, but also lets you hand-pick your favorite Internet browser to access the CRM, anytime and anywhere!

  • You need not invest in a costly contact manager and additional special hardware, or even bother about maintaining and upgrading them!
  • It comes with consummate ease of use unlike any other orthodox contact manager software. Its consumer-style interface starts up in a fast and simple manner. Besides, data is easily imported from systems like Gmail or Outlook.
  • Customization is possible without mastering code, only in a few clicks!
  • All types of upgrades are handled by us at our end. You must ensure that you keep running on the latest version with all previous customizations as is.
  • Business critical data and interactions are retained with optimal security at multiple levels. Make sure that latest firewalls, encryptions, authentications etc. are in place. Sometimes your monthly subscription fee includes all these within an affordable package.

Contact manager edition.

This edition does not encompass the complete capabilities of Salesforce small business CRM. Yet, it allows you to professionally track and record relationships with multiple customers and suppliers. You can use features like:

  1. Emails.
  2. Documents.
  3. Jobs.
  4. Faxes.
  5. Calendars.

Advantage of using it is you can now control and view business critical information in a single centralized dashboard. After all, it is oriented towards all the accounts, and not individual contacts, to help track sales pipelines.

In case a comprehensive contact manager software meets all your business critical need you do not require a full-fledged small business CRM. How can you gauge the same?

The contact manager edition is tailored for small business within affordable subscription prices. It also comes with powerful cloud-based features that are simple to comprehend.

CRM Group Edition and Professional Edition

Unlike the above, small businesses having more users and greater needs should wander beyond contact management software functionality. Its capabilities are:

  • Customized sales with tailored workflows that suite a business’s deal monitoring and benchmarking processes.
  • Integration with Google AdWords helps to efficiently execute and track search engine marketing or SEM campaigns as well as analyze the results with ease.
  • Leads are captured from all sources because small business CRMs helps you to direct leads from all sources into Salesforce which include the likes of trade shows, Web sites, direct mailers as well as seminars.

Due to all the above outlined reasons, Salesforce CRM for small sized business firms has become a popular tool. This all-in-one platform includes packages to suit a business-man’s needs according to his business size, on the basis of which he or she is billed. Data is not only accessed anytime, anywhere, but also is stored in a secured and encrypted cloud environment.

Additional features like usability, customization and browser friendliness makes it the number one CRM tool for small firms, across the globe today.

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