Remitter Bank Deemed high response time check decline

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In rare cases, we may see errors in our UPI application, could not send money! When we see actual error it says “Remitter Bank Deemed high response time check decline”, what does it mean for me, and what should we do in that case?

First, try to understand what the error is trying to explain! Let me punctuate the line:

Remitter Bank Deemed, high response time–check decline.

I hope the punctuation will help you more in understanding the case.

UPI: Unified Payment Interface

Here, the beneficiary bank is expected to send a response message to the remitter bank within a specified turn around time. In case the response message is not received from the beneficiary bank within specified turn around time, then the transaction is considered as deemed successful. That is why we see “high response time–check decline” errors.

There is highly a chance that the bank is down or under maintenance. Usually, well known banks issue advance notice that their platform may be down for a specific time.

For instance, on 6th, June 2024, HDFC Bank is undergoing for large scale maintenance and enhancement of their services and many people are reporting the same errors.

So, the only solution is hold for a day and check for maintenance schedule from bank. No need to contact anywhere as the payment fails in beginning and amount is not debited.

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