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Checkout complete information about Pokemon GO. Here you will get complete information about  Pokemon GO game, Pokemon history and how to play Pokemon GO game.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon game is developed and design by one of the leading game franchise in 90s.  Japan based insect collector and game developer initiated Pokemon GO.  It takes a lot of advantages while developing and designing considering Nations add nature. Playing this game simply warms your brain and like relaxing bath.  In the game there is no time limit,  no consequences and no violence.

What is Pokemon GO?

For better understanding about Pokemon GO will have to go back to the historical beginnings of Pokemon. In 1990,   Japanese based gaming design and development company Satoshi Tajiri hammering the concept of Pokemon which combined he is childhood hobby of collecting insects leads to creating a concept for video games.

Due to Rapid growth in urbanization, catching a collecting insects might not be possible in real time now a day.  To  give such  environnement to the people children who are missing search lovely gaming facility  Tajiri  invented this new kind of gaming zone which allows everyone to play search mode of game while sitting at home in their mobile phones and PCs.

After success full journey of 6 years, Tajiri Associated with Nintendo  and designer or Illustrator company Ken  Sugimori  the first game released with the name of Game Boy. The name of the game Pokemon is a Americanized and western iced contraction of ‘pocket monster’.  Initially the game come out with 151 different types of Pokemons resembles Turtles to Shobana advance which are most recognizable Pokemon in the world,  Pikachu.

The  combination of Nintendo 8 bit processing magic and lack of colour was so magical feast idea of Tajiri initial. The beginning of games journey was not so impressive in any aspect when comparing with today’s gaming advancement in Pokemon. There are number of Pokemon,  some of them are freaky looking and had special abilities and Origins on their own.  Give some difficulty to find out which Pokemon is weak and with walkman is strong and effective  and God help you to battle other trainers.

In 1997 eponymous cartoon TV series in Japan and in 1998 in US which debuted Is added to the Pokemon lore. It added  some characters like Ash  Ketchum place as a trainer character and a team of  villains  named as Jessie,  James and Meowth. And also allies like Misty and Brock.  All these characters made some simple and effective changes in the game performance and like.

The Pokemon GO

The new and recent version of Pokemon named as Pokemon GO released in July 5th.  Specifically developer and designer mobile game lovers is a celebration of Tajiri  Bass idea with 151 original Pokemon.  This game is available in android and iPhone operating systems.  It also supports to track your current location and time.

It allows to catch Pokemon same as earlier version of the game. All this made so impressive and effective by launching red and white Poke balls  virtually. The main intention of the game is to encourage kids to know and realize the world around them.

Who Are Playing Pokemon GO?

According to the recent statistics about Pokemon GO, around 7.5 million download for happen till the day which means a slight difference in game lovers compare with previous versions of the game and the current one.

As for the report more than 72% of adults in USA are using smartphones,  which is roughly  174, 579,000  adults are having smartphones and they could use their phones to play the game of Pokemon GO. This means 7.5 Millions is a fraction in count.

When compared with other games which are more popular like Tinder which  is exist scenes from 4 years having the same number of game downloads and installations which simply made by Pokemon Go in a week of time.  All it means increasing the level of game response might reach up to peak level in coming few days.

Statistics of Pokemon Game Sales

When looking into the history of Pokemon game sales from the day one,  it shows add dramatic change in sales decline.  Initially in 1996 by having a limited source and gaming options, Pokemon ( Game Boy)  got around 31.4 million sales  which has fluctuations till the day.  In the overall observation there is a drastic decline in sales of Pokemon GO.

When comparing with other apps and gaming applications, Pokemon  got a huge response from the uses which is  33 percent more than other application usage by the individuals.

More frequently crashing the game happens due to a lot of downloads and installation processes are going on.  Once the installations and downloads are stray dealing move ahead the gaming experience might increase and give better experience than now. Once the service of  Pokemon GO  are maintain stability in sending and receiving data,  crashing of game might be reduced and give you a better feel and experience.

Is Pokemon GO Supports All Mobiles?

The game Pokemon GO supports in all android and iPhone version mobile phones.  With the having minimum battery and Android version, users can download and enjoy the gaming experience without having any interruption.  But the thing is while playing the game it uses your camera phone for virtual realistic experience in the game which may reduce your battery life slightly.  And also it needs Internet connectivity for virtual realistic game performance. For better experience it is always good to have a battery source externally and also mobile data connectivity for uses of Internet.

The overall gaming experience with Pokemon GO, it is not a good game when comparing various aspects and elements with other games, the game got a tremendous response due to navigating geographical locations while playing the game.  If you walk fast a body of water,  you’re supposed to find a water Pokemon,  if you are walk through a forest you’re supposed to find a Grass a bug type Pokemon. Such virtual realistic gaming experience is simply connected with all virtual connection of people while they are moving anywhere and anytime. It is always strongly recommended that do not playing Pokemon GO while driving.

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