Obstacles and opportunities in a global marketplace

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Globalization has changed the way we do business. With overseas lands more accessible than ever before, and international trade a feature of modern-day business, it’s interesting to explore both the obstacles and opportunities global marketplaces present.

There are many benefits of entering the global marketplace, but it’s not always plain sailing for businesses. As this infographic shows, there are challenges facing companies that are keen to get ahead.

A survey revealed that over 60% of businesses overestimated the market potential for their product, while 54% admitted that their performance was worse than anticipated.

These statistics are underpinned by a host of potential hurdles, including language barriers and communication problems, administrative delays and complexities, geographical issues, and economic dilemmas.

The key to succeeding in a global marketplace lies in identifying barriers and finding solutions.

Communications managers play an increasingly crucial role in bridging gaps and facilitating deals.

Using their skills and expertise, they can help businesses draw up and implement coherent plans that minimize delays and strengthen relationships. Studying communications offers incredible opportunities for those keen to excel in business, as well as many other fields.

Students learn how to enter a market, how to successfully navigate different business landscapes, and how to evolve and adapt to adjust to emerging trends and new markets.

Communications managers can take advantage of diverse career opportunities, including working in marketing, public relations, and brand management, with attractive salaries and the chance to earn up to $191,000 per year if you reach the top of the tree.

Infographic Created By USC.

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