NSE series EQ, BE, BL, BT, GC, IL, IQ, and more

NSE has series like EQ, BE, BL, BT, GC, IL, IQ and more in the end of scrip name and every single series have different meaning. Most of us who do trades in stock market me aware of two three like EQ, BL, and GC as they appear more frequently, but there are even more and one should go through all of them once and should know what they mean to understand them well and take right step on time.

NSE (National Stock Exchange)

In this short article, I’ve explained them all in a tabular form. Please go through them.

EQEquity.Delivery-based and intraday trading is allowed. Every normal stock have EQ at the end.
BEBook entry.Only delivery-based trading is permitted; intraday trading is not allowed. Mostly happen with new or small shares. This means trades can only be settled by the delivery of shares.
BLBlock deal.Trades executed through a single transaction with a minimum quantity of 5 lakh shares or with a value of ₹5 crores. Block deals are allowed only from 9:15 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.
BTShares held in physical form.This series offers an exit route to small investors with a maximum of 500 shares held in physical form.
BZStocks that are blacklisted for violation of exchange rules.Stocks that are blacklisted for violation of exchange rules. This series of stocks falls under Trade-to-Trade category and hence BTST (Buy Today Sell Tomorrow) and intraday is not allowed in such stocks.
GCGovernment securities and treasury bills.This series allows Government Securities and Treasury Bills to be traded under this category.
ILFacilitates foreign institutional investors (FIIs) to trade among themselves.This series allows only FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) to trade among themselves. Permissible only in those securities where maximum permissible limit for FIIs is not breached.
IQQualified foreign investors (QFIs).Securities QFIs can trade without prior depository approval.

I hope you understand every series of NSE, in case anymore is introduced, I’ll update this article with that. If you have any doubt or suggestion about the list, please raise that in the comment section below.

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