Is square wave inverter safe?

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On a very tight budget, you’ll find dozens of square wave inverters, and just for lighting needs who cares what kind of inverter they are buying. But things become harmful when you are planning to operate expensive electronic items on it like computers, laptops, non-inverter fans, television, and other electrical sensitive appliances.

Yes, a square wave inverter is harmful and completely unsafe for many home electronic appliances. Prefer sine wave inters only.

If sine wave is too expensive for you, then look for modified sine wave.

Electronic appliances like laptops, mobile chargers, desktop computers, and similar hardware units should not be used on square wave inverters as their life gets shorten faster due to unreliable electricity.

Usually, you’ll not face any issues while operating gadgets on a square wave inverter, except fan noise and slightly dim lights. But you’ll definitely experience local and sensitive gadgets like laptop chargers stop working in just a few days of use.

I’ve even experienced charger failure of a MacBook Air laptop due to a square wave inverter. A sine wave inverter is always suggested when you are planning to run everything on the inverter after a power cut. Sine wave inverters cost slightly more compared to square wave inverters but offer a better life to costly appliances.

Why such inverters exists after so many cons?

The main reason is the cost and low level of uses. In urban areas, no one uses an inverter as they have a 24×7 electricity supply. But in rural areas, no one has the luxury of 27×7 electricity, so such user segment use inverters. This is the reason why inverter companies make things cheaper and less featureful, while their marketing is featureful.

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