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If you are someone who enjoys doing photography, why not open your own business.

Opening a photography business is one of the best ways you can turn your creative outlet into something that will bring food to the table. But there are a lot of photographers, so it can be quite tough to make yourself stand out. While that shouldn’t discourage you from chasing your dreams, you have to ensure that you are working with the best equipment and that you have a great business plan.


You need to have something that will set you apart from other photographers and make people choose you. If you are wanting to start a business like this, here are some of the most impressive ways you can do so.

Buy quality camera gear.

When you are looking to run a lucrative photo business, you will need to ensure that you have the best cameras so you can offer the best quality pictures. It is best if you have sets of twos like two lenses, two cameras and two flashes. That is important because it will happen that a piece of equipment stops working during your shoot and instead of losing a customer you will pull out your backups and continue.

Come up with a realistic pricing plan.

Another thing that you need to come up with is a pricing plan for your customers. Even though your starting price will be different compared to someone who has been doing this for five years, find the middle ground that works for you and make your way up. Make sure that you are also thinking about editing hours when you are coming up with the price. Something that a lot of photographers go with is about 200 dollars per hour.

Make an awesome website.

Something that is crucial to any business, especially when you are doing photography, is to have a website that will attract people. You want it to be impressive and to look very professional. Make sure that you are creating a website that will perfectly showcase your artistic abilities so the people that visit it become your customers. Another thing that you have to make sure that you are displaying on your website is the contact information. You can also think about adding your prices so people know what to expect.

Be unique.

The best way to set yourself apart from all other photographers in your district is to be unique. Have something that will be your trademark that will be just your thing. Make sure that you are coming up with something that will be your signature thing such as using a wedding photo booth as a fun prop. Choose something like that so you brand your business as someone who specialises in that.

Have the friends and family rule.

A lot of people don’t want to admit it, but when you’re starting up your business, your first customers will usually be your friends and family. That is why you need to be grateful for them hiring you and give them a discount. But create a balance, make sure that you are still getting paid for what you are doing while still giving them a discount as a sign of respect and gratitude. Keep in mind that some people will try to use you when they realise that you are good at what you do and get the benefits that your family and close friends have. Stick to your prices, it is your job that puts food on your table, don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself.

Use social media to promote yourself.

As nowadays everything is online, the best way to promote your business is to make all the social media profiles. Social media marketing is the best way you can put yourself out there and get people’s attention. Make sure that your profiles are optimised to each site that you choose to go on as well as that they are aesthetic. Keep your profiles active and updated all the time. Try to put out as much engaging content that will let people see why they should choose you as their photographer.

Have diversify.

What will set you apart from any business is having diversity. Make sure that you are educated about all the different kinds of photography. Don’t just opt solely for one path. Rather than just doing wedding shoots, make sure that you are showing that you can also do other kinds of photoshoots.

Always keep learning.

There is no better tip that anyone can give you that will ensure that you are running a successful business than to keep on learning. No matter how good you are, there will always be new things that you can learn.

Just like starting any kind of business, you will have ups and downs at the beginning, but staying committed to your signature style of work will give you a solid reputation that will slowly build over time.

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