How to Insert the Square Root Symbol in Microsoft Word?

While writing mathematical sums in Microsoft Word, we need to add a special symbol like Square Root; in other words a Radical.

Here we’ll see how to insert the square root symbol in Word.

Method 1: Using ALT Function

Just like we write in a word document, hold the ALT button and type 8730. You will immediately see the square root symbol in the document. Now you can continue the work.

Insert Square Root in Word Using ALT Function

Method 2: Insert Manually

However this is a long cut, but you can insert various symbols from here without remembering special numbers. To insert the square root symbol navigate to… Insert Tab → Symbols → More Symbols.

A new window will come out; under symbol tab set Subset dropdown to Mathematical Operators.

Now look for Square Root symbol, it won’t be hard to locate.

Insert Square Root in Word

This is how we can easily insert the square root or radical sign in Microsoft Word.

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