How to improve screen recording quality?

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As you may have noticed the quality of videos that are recorded using screen recording can differ in terms of their definition and clarity, smoothness, and other factors.

In most cases however it isn’t that difficult to improve the video quality, but you need to know how to go about it. If you want to start to improve the quality of videos that you capture from your screen, there are several steps that you should take:

Screen Recording

Do record at higher resolutions

By recording at higher resolutions you’ll be capturing more pixels – which will generally make your video look clearer and give it better definition.

However, in screen recording, you cannot exceed the display resolution, which will mean the resolution will be lower if you just record part of your screen.

That is why it is normally best to record in full screen so that you capture a video in the highest resolution possible. Adjusting the app or software you’re recording to the full screen would be ideal, or if not you can decide whether or not to crop the video later.

TIP: Some YouTubers record videos at 4K or 8K and down-sample or downscale them to Full HD which results in highest possible quality.

Increase the frame rate of the recording

Video is made up of frames, and the frame rate is basically the number of frames in each second of the video. A higher frame rate will make the video look smoother, which is why you should try to increase it if possible. The frame rate that you use should be at least 30, but 50 or 60 frames per second is much better if you want the video to truly look fluid.

Frame Rate Judder Illustration

Info: Most of the movies are shown at 24 to 25 frames per second, in order to make the file size smaller. The more frames are added the more size of the output video file will be.

Remember the audio quality matters if recording from an external device

If you’re just recording the system audio you don’t normally need to worry about the audio quality – but if you’re recording from a microphone or other external device then you should take it into account. Improving the quality of audio can be difficult, but as a start, you could use a high-quality microphone and try to minimize background noise.

Close unnecessary running apps and background processes while recording

Admittedly this won’t directly improve the quality of your video, but it can help in many cases. Because screen recording is processor-intensive, closing unnecessary apps and background processes will ensure that you free up system resources so that your computer doesn’t lag.

On top of that, you also won’t have to worry about unwanted notifications popping up mid-recording. Apps like antivirus scans report and messenger notifications disturb the most.

Nowadays there are lots of options when you look for a screen recorder Windows 10, but it is important that you choose one that lets you adjust the recording parameters as described above. For example, you could try OBS Studio if you want one that will make it easy.

By following the steps listed above you should be able to ensure your videos look crisp, clear, and smooth. As you can see it really isn’t complicated at all; to be honest it is a lot easier to record high quality screen recordings than it would be with conventional video recording.

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