How to get an aviation job?

There are a variety of career choices out there, but perhaps none as interesting as those that involve aviation. This is a broad field, and the roles available range from air traffic controllers, to flight attendants, to commercial pilots.

Whatever it is that you’re interested in, there are many ways to secure that perfect role in aviation that you’ve always dreamed of, but you have to make sure that you do it properly without making any small mistake if you want to ensure that you’re on the right path.


Follow this step by step guide if you really want to make it in this field, and you want to make sure that there is nothing you’ve forgotten about along the way.

1. Secure the qualifications that you need.

As with most careers, if you want to get into aviation you need to have the qualifications to back you, so make sure that you’ve thoroughly looked into the requirements for the roles that you want.

This will vary depending what you’re looking at doing, and there are many programs on offer, from Aeronautical Engineering to Aviation Flight Science.

The costs and course lengths also vary, and if you’re looking into doing something that is a little more complex then you may need to spend a few more years on getting all of the qualifications that you need.

If you believe that you have the skills and the passion to do this, then sign up for one of the aviation courses on offer near you, and make sure that you start your journey with all of the requirements under your belt.

2. Make sure you’re healthy enough to do it.

Unfortunately for applicants (but fortunately for airline passengers), there is a list of health requirements that pilots and other members of aviation staff have to meet in order to secure their career choices.

Your employer will want to see a full medical record, and it is absolutely imperative that your eyesight and hearing are perfect in order for you to get the job. Not only this, but your heart and lungs have to pass the required tests, which means that you won’t even get the job if you have something like asthma.

There will be blood and urine tests, too, so before you embark upon your aviation career path, make sure that you can pass all of the relevant tests, or you could have your heart broken when it comes to the last hurdle, which will be a great waste of your time and money.

3. Ensure that you can pass all the extensive background checks.

Whilst this may be a no-brainer, a role in aviation is a pretty serious one, and you won’t be allowed to do the job if you don’t pass an extensive background check. Even if you’ve been prosecuted for a minor crime when you were younger, your employer will want to know why, as they look into things like your motor vehicle records and any drug or alcohol prosecutions that you have.

On top of this, they’ll look into the more major prosecutions such as aircraft piracy, kidnapping or hostage taking, and assault with attempt to murder. Obviously, if you’re not all clear on the aircraft piracy, you’re probably not going to get a job as a pilot, or any role in aviation for that matter.

We’re just putting that out there so you don’t end up wasting a lot of your time, you know?

4. Get as many flying hours in as you possibly can.

If you’re applying for a role and you really want to stand out amongst the crowd, then getting in as many flying hours as you possibly can is key. As with any role, your employer will want to know that you have the relevant experience to be in aviation, and if you want to be a pilot, you’re going to have to prove that you’re passionate about flying and confident enough to do it commercially.

When it comes to being a flight attendant, why not try and get some practice in working for other hospitality based environments, where you’ve served clients and worked hard to provide the best service possible? If there’s anything that employers love, it’s experience, and whilst it can be costly (and time consuming) to get it, it will surely pay off in the long-run when your CV stands out amongst others.

5. Create a unique CV (Curriculum Vitae).

When it comes to any role, having the best CV possible will help you to stand out amongst the other applicants, and it will really make your employer stop dead in their tracks and decide that they want to call you for an interview. Creating a CV for an aviation role is slightly different; you’ll have to state what it that your ultimate aim is, followed by your hours spent flying in different capacities.

This is where you’ll sell yourself immediately, but go on to state why they should choose you over other candidates. This short section will really help you to showcase your skills and your passion for the role, so don’t underestimate the importance of getting this right, whatever role you choose to apply for. Show your uniqueness, and make sure that they choose you!

As with everything, make sure that your grammar is perfect and you’ve proofread it properly.

6. Network, network, and network some more because contacts does matter.

If you’ve gone to university and done the aviation course that you need to, you’ll have a whole wealth of contacts. Don’t underestimate the importance of these people, as sometimes it can simply be who you know, as well as what you know. If you can talk your way into the job of your dreams, you’ll be glad that you’ve networked efficiently in your years at university, and when you spent all of those hours flying or working in a hospitality based job if you’re looking for a slightly different role.

Think back to who you know: can your tutors help you to get in touch with potential employers, particularly if you’ve been to a great university with good connections? Not only this, but there will be networking events going on constantly, and employers will be looking to meet somebody just like you. Approach them, and showcase yourself!

7. Prepare for your interviews and the job of your dreams.

Now that you’ve done all of the hard work, all that you have to do is prepare for your interviews, and the new job of your dreams that you’ll no doubt secure in no time. Don’t go into an interview without preparing fully; make sure that you’re up to date with all there is to know about aviation, and make sure that you can impress them with all of the knowledge that you have.

This is your chance to really make them believe that you’re the perfect candidate, and remember, you only have one shot at making a first impression, so make sure that you do a great job of it. They’re going to ask you why you’re interested in aviation, so make sure that your passion really shines through, and they’ll know that you’re serious about your career.

So to conclude everything…

There are many things to think about before you get a role in aviation, and you need to be as prepared as possible. Get the necessary qualifications, make sure that you can pass all of the checks that you’ll need to go through, and really market yourself as the perfect person for the job. If you do all of these things, you’ll be well on your way to getting the career that you’ve always dreamed of. Good luck!

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