How to call back a restricted number?

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The restricted number is special security for an individual for need security, however, sometimes it happens that we received a call under a restricted phone number, but no one answers when we pick up the call. Or maybe someone is stalking on you, but his or her number is showing up as a restricted phone number. The issue is we can not call back a restricted phone number; fortunately, there are several steps to trace the individual’s identity.

Call Back

So how to call back a restricted number? Follow below steps one by one.

Step #1: Note down when you received a call.

As soon as you received any restricted call, note it down and wait for your phone bill at the end of the month. We can clearly see if it lists that restricted number. Some telephone providers will list these numbers on our bill including date and time of the call.

Once you know the caller’s number you can call back on that restricted number.

Step #2: Block the person.

One we have his or her number, you can easily block your phone from accepting calls from that restricted number. Just press *77 to activate Anonymous Call Blocker (in short ACB). This will force the system to show the caller’s restricted number. You should hear three short beeps to let you know that it has been activated, and then you can hang up.

This way you get a chance to see the restricted caller’s phone number.

Note: Just press *87 is to deactivate the same.

Step #3: Take the help of police.

If the issue is much serious and out of your control. Just take the help from your local police authority. They can easily track down your number for any receiving calls.

These are the some steps to know and call back a restricted phone number.

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