How Long Does a Cheque Take to Clear?

The cheque is becoming a common payment instrument instead of cash due to the digitization of payments and for many restrictions or reasons, people do not want to deal in cash.

If you have just issued a cheque or deposited someone else’s in your account, you might be thinking of its clearance time or wondering much much time it will take to clear.

There are 2 factors that may take less or more time. One of which is banks of both parties and another one is distance. Different banks and longer distance bank may take more time, while near banks and less distance will get the cheque clear faster. Also, many even factors are involved like holidays.

How long does a cheque take to clear?

On average any cheque issued and submitted in the bank will get clear in 2 working days.

Maximum it can take 4 to 5 working days. If the week is full of holiday events, then it may take even more time because your bank may not be operational on holidays.

Can you count the deposited day?

Technically you shouldn’t count the deposited day because the branch will just accept your cheque on the first day and later sends it for clearance. But in certain cases, you can count the deposited date when you have deposited the cheque in the early morning. You can ask the manager, or service assistance about clearance time, they will definitely share the details.

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