Hashtag Walls: What’s the Fuss All About?

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We reside in a digitally savaged world where Hashtags are not new to anyone’s ears anymore. Innovated by the brilliant minds at Twitter to segregate their overflow of content by its users, who knew that hashtags would become such a trend one day!

Hashtags (#) are the ultimate tools present online to easily discover and segregate user-generated content all over the internet. Users post various types of content all over the internet using different types of hashtags which help you to identify and discover the content that is relevant to your marketing purposes.


Since hashtags are so much trending, multiple hashtag tools have come up in the market. Some let you track the hashtags, while others let you analyze their trend. One such really important hashtag tool is the Hashtag Wall.

What Are Hashtag Walls?

Hashtag Walls are social media tools that let you display your hashtag feeds altogether on a screen in a really customizable manner.

Doesn’t that sound really cool and fun?

Hashtag Walls are basically social media aggregator and display tools that aggregate hashtags that you are interested in from all over the internet. The source of discovery and collection of these hashtag feeds may vary from multiple social media sites, websites, RSS feeds, blog posts, comments, online reviews, or anywhere else where your hashtag posts are displayed in the public sphere.

Why Should You Use Hashtag Walls?

Hashtag Walls are a great tool, especially if you’re running a hashtag campaign. How cool it would be to display all your earned media hashtag content on one attractive display screen! It will literally drive the audience crazy.

Here are listed a few benefits that make a Hashtag Wall so advantageous in the first place. Come, let’s have a look at these.

1. Aggregates Content That You Never Knew Existed Before

A hashtag wall is basically a hashtag aggregator with display functionality. While performing the function of a Hashtag Aggregator, it basically surfs throughout all the channels you had input as your feed source, discovers the content that contains the hashtag you wish to display, and brings them together at one platform, i.e., the Wall Editor of the Hashtag Wall in the backend.

Here you can see all the aggregated hashtag content from all the sources you entered initially. If you encounter some feeds that you had never seen before then don’t be shocked, that’s what Hashtag Walls do! They reveal the undiscovered and display it to your audience.

2. Gives Your Brand Campaign a Platform to Display

A Hashtag Wall is an amazing platform to display your earned media content across multiple social channels. It is the best way to promote your brand to your target audience and beyond in the most subtle manner. It spreads the word of mouth marketing to the extends that is manually not possible to achieve. It sets a chain reaction of your hashtag feeds being shared and even generated more.

You can employ a Hashtag Wall anywhere literally.

Talking digitally, you have a website or an e-commerce online store or a blog post, well, Hashtag Wall has got it all covered.

You can easily embed a hashtag wall on online e-commerce stores, websites, or blog posts. Talking physically, events, retail stores, the hospitality industry, digital signage, billboards, kiosks, everywhere, you can display your Hashtag feeds anywhere.

3. Drives More User Engagement

Hashtag Walls are an incredibly beautiful tool. They are so visually appealing that users feel automatically attracted to it. Be it a website embed or an event display, a Hashtag Wall is a sure shot way to drive user engagement.

Contests and give-away participatory awards around the hashtag campaign are also a great way to drive engagement. You could always display the results along with your hashtag feeds on the Hashtag Wall.

When users see the posts of their fellowmen being displayed on the Hashtag Wall, even they secretly wish to get featured on that wall.

In that lure, they also post on social media as guided by you using the recommended hashtag of your brand’s campaign.

This way while on one hand their social media post gets displayed on the Hashtag Wall, on the other hand, your brand hashtag penetrates into their social circle spreading good word of mouth marketing.

Hence, driving more user engagement.

4. Brings Along Amazing Features

A Hashtag Wall brings along amazing features like customization, moderation, analytics, and many more.

The Customization features allow you to decorate your Hashtag Wall as per the theme of your Hashtag Campaign. It also allows you to adjust many other small yet important aspects of the Hashtag Wall that will enhance its visual appeal incredibly.

The Moderation Panel allows you to filter the aggregated hashtag feeds and prevent the irrelevant ones from displaying. This helps to improve the overall quality of your brand’s hashtag content.

The Analytics Panel allows you to track the performance of your hashtag campaign across multiple platforms and track the contributors, their demographics, locations, and all other important details like this.

5. Saves Time and Money

Hashtag Walls reduce the overall workload off your shoulders by performing your tasks of discovering, researching, and analyzing with its super-efficient AI technology with just a few clicks. This helps you save both time and money which you can invest in some other important tasks of your digital marketing campaign.


Hashtag Walls are a great addition to your marketing arsenal.

It is one of the best ways to engage users with their own social media content posted using your Hashtag. It delivers immense results for your hashtag campaign thereby profiting your brand all along.

Do share with us your thoughts on Hashtag Walls in the comment section below.

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