Global Internet Shutdown in Next 48 Hours: Nothing to Worry About!

Today Russia reported that global internet users might face network connection failures because the main domain servers and related network infrastructures will be under maintenance mode.

So chances are high that across the globe users may face no or slow internet access and all the network related devices which relies on internet might not work properly.

The impact of this maintenance on normal internet users would be minimal.

Global Internet Shutdown

The effect of this might be 2 days or 48 hours as the key domain servers will undergo for a routine maintenance mode.

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) will proceed the maintenance work during this time period and they will be changing the cryptographic key in order to protect the internet’s address book which is also known as Domain Name System (DNS).

This step is required to overcome all the increased issues of cyber attacks happening over internet these days.

The Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA) said that global internet shutdown is necessary to ensure a secure, stable and resilient DNS.

According to them, some internet users or internet service providers might be affected if they are not prepared for this change. So, the internet providers need to enable the appropriate security extensions.

So, if any website or overall internet is down then wait till maintenance mode to be completed. However the impact of this maintenance on the normal users are minimum and 99% of the world population won’t face it.

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