Dunzo Switches to Zoho Workspace to Cut Costs

Dunzo, the popular online delivery service, has made a strategic move to switch from Google Suite to Zoho Workspace in an effort to reduce employee account costs and streamline operations.

This decision represents a significant shift in the company’s approach to technology and highlights the growing trend among businesses to seek more cost-effective alternatives to established platforms.

Read the reasons behind Dunzo’s decision and look at the benefits that Zoho Workspace.

Dunzo’s cost-cutting measure: A closer look!

Dunzo recently announced that their loss widens even more even tough their revenue is growing up, so they are taking every possible approach to reduce cost of this competitive business model.


Why did Dunzo switch from Google Suite?

One of the key motives behind Dunzo’s decision to switch from Google Suite to Zoho Workspace was the desire to reduce operational expenses. Google Suite, while undeniably feature-rich and versatile, comes with a higher price tag that can be prohibitive for growing companies like Dunzo.

Google Workspace costs about ₹1,600/user each month under the enterprise plan, while Zoho charges 1/3rd of that at ₹489/user for similar offerings. By opting for Zoho Workspace, Dunzo aimed to leverage a more affordable solution without compromising on essential functionalities.

The benefits of Zoho Workspace.

Zoho Workspace offers a comprehensive suite of productivity tools, including email, document management, project collaboration, and more.

By transitioning to Zoho Workspace, Dunzo gains access to a cost-effective platform that meets its operational needs while minimizing expenses. This migration allows Dunzo to optimize its resources and allocate the saved funds to other critical areas of the business.

What does this mean for Dunzo?

The switch to Zoho Workspace enables Dunzo to maintain its efficiency and productivity without sacrificing the quality of its services. By streamlining its workflows with Zoho’s powerful collaboration tools, Dunzo can continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences while reducing overhead costs.

This strategic decision not only benefits Dunzo but also sets an example for other businesses looking to balance functionality and affordability.

Zoho workspace: Preferred choice for cost-conscious companies.

Why is Zoho Workspace gaining traction?

Zoho workspace has emerged as a favored alternative for companies and startups seeking to optimize their operational expenses. Its cost-effective pricing model, combined with a range of robust productivity features, makes it an appealing choice for businesses of all sizes.

As more organizations realize the need to cut costs without compromising on functionality, the popularity of Zoho Workspace continues to grow. In many things Zoho offers better value.

How does Zoho workspace compare to Google suite?

While Google suite enjoys considerable market share as a leading productivity solution, Zoho workspace offers similar and additional functionalities at a fraction of the price.

With its commitment to affordability, Zoho workspace provides businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive landscape. By making the switch, companies like Dunzo can redirect their valuable resources toward growth initiatives and improve their bottom line.

Is Zoho Workspace a viable option for all businesses?

Absolutely! Even AtulHost uses Zoho for all its operations and they all work flawlessly.

Zoho Workspace caters to businesses across various industries and sizes. Its scalability and flexibility allow organizations to tailor their plans to specific requirements, ensuring they receive the optimal functionality at a suitable price point. Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, Zoho Workspace has the capability to meet your productivity needs while keeping costs in check.


Dunzo’s decision to switch from Google Suite to Zoho Workspace exemplifies the growing trend among businesses to seek cost-effective alternatives without compromising functionality.

By embracing Zoho Workspace, Dunzo cuts costs, ultimately benefiting its customers and stakeholders.

As the market demand for affordable productivity solutions rises, Zoho Workspace continues to gain traction, providing a compelling option for organizations looking to optimize their resources.

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