Convert volt-amps (VA) to watts (W)?

Enter apparent power in volt-amps (VA) and power factor (PF) and hit the calculate button to get the real power in watts. You must know the Power Factor of a device.

Volt-amps (VA) to watts (W) calculator.

VA: in VA
PF: in Decimal (0 ~ 1) [80% PF is 80÷100 = 0.80]

Power: W

If you don’t know what is the PF of the device you are using, just look into its device information or manual, otherwise, go through these default values.

Inverters, UPS, and Solar inverters have around 0.6 to 0.8 Power Factor. You can also do a load test if possible with line testing tools. Or just Google the PF for the exact device.

VA to Watts calculation explained.

P(W) = S(VA) × PF

Here P is Power in Watts, S is Apparent Power in Volt-amps, and PF is Power Factor which is written between 0 to 1 or in % in a common way. If the value is in % then convert it to decimal first.

For instance, if we want to calculate the Power (W) of an inverter that has a 2500 VA rating with a PF of 80% then this is how we calculate the total watts.

P(W) = 2500(VA) × 0.8

P(W) = 2000

So, an inverter with 2500VA with PF of 80% will have 2000W or in short 2kW of output.

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