60 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

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If you are looking forward to opening an online store or you just want to expand your already established business, making a useful website for the both purposes is extremely lucrative.

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

This is particularly because a lot of shopping nowadays happens online just because of the ease, flexibility and sheer abundance of products available online that people can scour through within minutes without even stepping a foot outside of their home.

Many content management systems will allow you to manage the content and products on your website, but when it comes to absolute brilliance and effectiveness, nothing does it better that WordPress. WordPress is not only famous for its elegance, super manageability, and effectiveness but also for the flexibility it provides in terms of the looks, layout and overall style of your website.

One of the ways that WordPress does so is by offering you with a plethora of free as well as premium themes that you can use to power your eCommerce Website.

WordPress is not only famous for its elegance, super manageability, and effectiveness but also for the flexibility it provides in terms of the looks, layout and overall style of your website. One of the ways that WordPress does so is by offering you with a plethora of free as well as premium themes that you can use to power your eCommerce Website.

Some of the essential features that you must look for before investing your money on an eCommerce theme include, its compatibility with famous eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, layouts, AJAX loading, lazy loading, product highlights and more.

The good news is that there are already hundreds WordPress eCommerce themes that have all these features and then a lot more. But this very advantage becomes its very own enemy because picking up the right one for your business becomes a little more than daunting with so many eCommerce themes available.

In this post, we have tried to eliminate just that by providing you with a comprehensive list of only the 60 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes, one of which you will sure find worthy of your online business.

60 Best WordPress eCommerce Themes



Satisfy your customers and at the same time increase sales with this theme that is inbuilt with advanced features like wish-list and quick view options, so you don’t lag behind in the money-making game. The theme is very pleasing to look at and also modern and professional grade and will sure make your website stands out from the rest of the competition.



If your goal is to sell more without getting confused in all the technicalities and clutter of a sophisticated theme, then WooCart is your best bet. The theme has all the premium features you can expect from an effective eCommerce theme and in addition to all that the theme is also super sleek, fully responsive and gives an overall positive vibe.



Want something for your digital goods, downloads like audio, video, and images and simultaneously make money out of it? Checkout has got you covered with its elegant design and super smooth functionality.



The most laudable feature of this theme is its awesome page builder that gives you maximum control over layout and design. This way, you can create a conducive environment for your customers to engage more in your products and, thus help you make more money.



This one has all the typical and then some advanced features that one demands from a perfect eCommerce theme. Some of these include a full support for WooCommerce to help you set up a store within minutes, transition and parallax scrolling effects plus fly-in animations to help you enhance user experience in addition to giving you control over each product page so that you can customize it to create a unique vibe around your website.



You will get access to all the essential features of your website through a single integrated interface with this theme. Some of these features include beautiful products page, MailChimp and WPML readiness, Instagram feed, and WooCommerce integration.



Powered by WooCommerce and integrated with all the necessary elements and features, this one is probably the last eCommerce theme you will need to create an effective online store.

ShopIsle Pro


Bringing your products to market has never been easier. Simple and customizable, but loaded with features, Shopisle will enable you to quickly and easily bring your site to life.



This theme can be used to power any type of website ranging from fitness community website, personal training, and online magazine or even to help you create a website for your own local gym. The theme has everything you will need to setup and run a successful fitness related business, including an online fitness apparel and supplement store. On top of all that the theme also comes with options to show off testimonials, results, products, and workouts while simultaneously also maintaining a blog.

Mr. Bara


This one is pretty straightforward, easy to use, unique and modern theme that will let you create an efficient website for anything ranging from a digital store, hi-tech store, watch store, men store, women store, clothing store, furniture store, book store, cosmetics shop to luxury jewelry and multipurpose online store. The theme has a Bootstrap framework which makes it look great on any device and is also powered by Visual Composer to help you attain a height of aesthetics.



With seamless integration with number one eCommerce plugin, that is, WooCommerce, this one is coupled with an engaging magazine style design that creates immersive media rich content on the go.



A powerful WooCommerce website that is beautiful to look at and optimal to use and will help you transform your retail business into a functional eCommerce website.



Maximize the sales through your website while blogging at the same time with this beautiful theme that has been built with HTML5 for maximum responsiveness and ease.



Coming with the number one slider Plugin we so dearly know as Revolution slider, this one will make the products on your website pop while the amazing Visual Composer will help you make content exactly the way you want it.

X-Shop Kute


A modern, clean and professional grade website that has been built with attention paid to every intricate detail while all the elements remain fully responsive and able to adapt to any device your website is viewed from. The theme can be used for any type of online store, but it is particularly super for fashion shop, handmade shop, accessories shop, glasses shop, electronics shop, and furniture shop.



Veronica was built with eCommerce in mind and thus fully supports WooCommerce that will help you sell anything online, shippable goods, virtual or digital files, you name it.



This theme will not only help you to transform your retail business into a successful online store but will also help you generate more sales while at it.



Bazaar will keep your customers in line and immersed in the subtle design of your products and impeccable display of products that will keep your customers engaged for hours. Apart from supporting WooCommerce, the theme also has an easy-to-use options panel that will allow you to customize bazaar and create a smoother shopping experience freely.



Compete and even beat the top players in your niche with this elegant theme that is bound to attract more traffic and thus more visitors. The theme is very premium with modern, responsive design, and stunning layouts with lots of headings and sections on top of a slew of other features.

Lorem Ipsum


Just like the text Lorem Ipsum, this theme puts the focus right where it should be, that is, the content and products that you are portraying on your website. The theme is particularly applicable for Online Bookstores, but can also be used to sell any media products like audio, video, eBooks, music, movies, games or micro courses.



StorePro doesn’t brag; it just gets things done with its superior functionality and subtle design elements on top of an easy-to-use back-end.



With premade demo sites and skins that help you transform the appearance of your website drastically, Ultra is made to impress. The best part is that you can simply import demos to create a website very fast and theme settings, content, menus, widgets, etc., all will be imported to your website instantly.



Another theme that is much like Ultra but with an extra bit of twist regarding functionality and style that affects its overall elegance.



If you are serious about making money online either through your blog or through your product website, Money flow is the way to go. You can take advantage of all the advanced features and easy monetization to impress your visitors with a dynamic and appealing layout.



If Gear is good at something it is this, it is suitably designed to simplify the job of selling products online with its seamless WooCommerce integration.



Here is something for bikers, cyclists and people who want to create an excellent bicycle online accessories shop. The multiple homepage layouts will help you create a unique presence for your website, and all the other features will enable you to build a successful community blog, eStore, or a forum.



Peak will take your website to new heights with its all-powerful functionality and awesome design. This is established with its masonry tiles layout that can adapt to any screen size or device you throw at it. Other useful features include optional mega menu, various post layouts, slide-out widgets, portfolio, and WooCommerce support.



Powered by the all amazing WooCommerce, this one will sure put in a dash of awesomeness and then add a tinge of intrigue to your website that people will love to engage in more often.



In addition to being able to create successful online eCommerce stores, this one is also capable of handling a multitude of other websites including personal and professional blogs.



You can sell products, show off your work, and maintain a blog, all at the same time with this awesome theme that gathers all these things together and weaves them into a perfect quantum of exquisiteness.



Designed for brands and online business who are eager to create an impressive online presence, Jumbo does all the work without bother you with all the unnecessary talking and jargons.



eMaxStore is a beautifully designed theme that can serve a multitude of purposes including eCommerce online stores. The best about this theme apart from being able to create an engaging online store is that it also features a blog section which you can use as a weapon to drive more traffic to your website.



Sell your products in style with Agora, a gorgeous theme that is powered by the incredible WooCommerce engine.



With WooCommerce integration you can setup and run your online store quickly with this theme that can be used to sell products ranging from organic to cosmetics. You can also maintain a health blog, organic farm shop, food blog or any other type of blog for that matter.



The Shop theme does exactly what it says, it helps people look for the products they want and helps them shop better by putting the focus right where it should be, that is, the products.



One of the most important thing when it comes to search engine traffic generation is the post snippet. A snippet is a little description that is available just below the title of the post, and the richer the snippet is, the higher are the chances of people clicking your post. Schema accentuates traffic from search engines by providing rich snippets in addition to all the advanced features that will help you retain the traffic and provide an immersive user experience. With more traffic driven to your site, you can convert them to more sales by using the theme’s WooCommerce support.



Loaded with plenty of features, this one is made to work with WooCommerce so you can turn traffic into more sales and eventually more money. The best part about shopping with this theme is that it allows users to easily add or remove items from without having to reload the entire page.



Build your store now with this impeccable and simple theme that will take your online business to new heights without demanding any prior coding knowledge from you.



Melody will melt subtly over your visitor’s visual senses with its elegant and beautiful design that looks gorgeous on any device and screen size.



Designed for larger shops with large selection of products this theme has a dual navigation system in the header, a pleasing welcome message, featured slider and product slider. The theme also allows your users to add or remove items from their cart without having to reload the entire page.

TinyShop WP


Featuring an extremely easy to use drag-and-drop page builder, this theme will help you create the best version of your website without demanding any type of prior coding knowledge from you. With age builder, you have the power to style over 35 elements the way you want, and you also have Image Galleries, Parallax Section, Video Background Rows, Buttons, Lists, Colored Headlines, SVG Icons, Boxes, and Progress Bars and anything you can think of.



If you deal with products that are fun and exciting and want something that suits that funny vibe without compromising on functionality, then Department is the perfect solution for you.

VG Sento


VG Sento makes sure that you do not lose traffic from any device your visitors are using to browse your products, this is done by providing a fully responsive design that can adjust to any screen size and device that is used to view your website.



Shopy is exactly what you have been looking for in an online shopping website. It is both easy to use and highly functional, to put it simply, the theme just gets the job done.



Banner tiled homepage layout and a feministic touch, are two important features of this theme that will make your online business stand out from the rest of the crowd in any niche you use it for.



The best part about this theme is that products load infinitely as your customers scroll down the page, this eventually translated into more sales. All the products are displayed in a nice stacking order, and when the page is resized it automatically re-positions the products, so you don’t lose traffic, irrespective of the browsers or devices your visitors are using.



Boutique is an incarnation of power with all its flexibility and superior functionality that, in combination with WooCommerce support will help you make the most out of your eStore.



Hugo not only provides all the essential features that you will ever need to build a robust online store but also does all that in style and elegance with its subtle elements that are free to be customized to last bit, should you wish to portray a unique perspective.

Retail Therapy


A truly unique theme that boasts uniqueness amongst all the other copy cats and is sure to give your website that extra edge, both regarding style as well as functionality.



Promote your products in style with this theme’s abundant layouts that will also make your products pop and eventually translate into more sales conversions.



Logancee is a multipurpose eCommerce theme that is suitable for any type of online business you wish to succeed in. The template of the theme is characterized by universality, attractiveness, and easy customization opriona. The gradients, unlimited colors, and Google Web fonts add to the overall glory of the website.



All the essential tools you will ever need to make a successful online store have been inculcated in this theme that is equal parts of efficiency and style.



Bringing modern sensibility to selling online, Samantha gives a bossy feel, an element that is essential for authoritative online stores.



The ajax shopping cart of this theme means buyers can add or remove their products from the cart without having to reload the entire page; this leads to ease and thus a more satisfying user experience. A large panel and a product slider have also been included to make your products more prominent.



This one packed with all the essentials that you will ever need to easily setup and run your online store. In addition to creating an online store, you can use this theme for blogging, both personal as well as professional.



An elegant solution for people who are looking forward to selling products online without having to bother with the coding practices. The theme is very easy to configure and offers integration options with some of the most popular eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce, eShop, and simple PayPal shopping cart.



Suitable for fashion, furniture, clothes, digital and handmade shop, this one includes many great features like mega menu, slider, page builder, product quick view, wishlist, compare, zoom, header and footer builder, in short, everything you will need.



If you are looking for something for your modern online store that is both simple to use and breathes elegance at the same time, Roku is most probably your best bet.



If more often than not you are intrigued by the colossal journalistic and news style of websites, and you think that is the best way to attract customers, then Clock has got you covered. Focusing on crisp typography and high contrast, Clock makes your content very easy to read and your products even easier to find.



Build a successful website in any niche with Digitalis that is inundated with rich features including custom icons, shortcodes, blog, magazine, and WooCommerce integration.

These is the list of 60 best WordPress eCommerce themes which work pretty well with WooCommerce support. In case any left or you know any good eCommerce theme for WordPress do let us know in the commect section below.

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