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If you are looking for a gun safe for the protection of you and your family then the best choice for you would be to take a look at the quick access gun safes.

Those types of safes aren’t big which means you can hide them in your work desk, bedside table or even in your closet.

But, the most important feature of those safes is their quick reaction time so when the emergency occurs you can open the safe in seconds.

I want to share with you the best and most popular quick access gun safes on the market at the moment. Those safes come with different capacity, different types of locks and other features which allow you to adjust the safe to your desires and needs.

#1. GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

Besides being one of the fastest gun safes on the market, it is also one of the most popular gun safes on the market. The reason why it is so popular is the fact that the entire gun safe is very adjustable. You can mount it anywhere, vertically and horizontally. Its compact design allows you to store in on the side of the bed between the bed and the bedside table, or even under the work desk in your home office. You can also store it in your office and people wouldn’t know you have it.

The SV500 comes with two types of locks, it can be a biometric lock and a combination lock and you can choose the one you prefer more. The biometric lock can store 20 different fingerprints and the combination lock is a 4-digit code you have to enter to open the safe.

Now about the reaction time. The moment you enter the PIN code or press your finger on the scanner, the safe will open. It is designed with the drop down doors so you can really expect a quick reaction time because gravity will pull the door down. The good thing is that the moment when the door opens, you can grab the gun by the handle and react quickly.

You don’t have to worry that you will damage the pistol by taking it out because the interior of the safe is filled with foam. The entire construction of the safe is made of 18-gauge steel so you can expect durability.

The only disadvantage could be the capacity of the safe. You can only store one pistol inside, but when you consider that it is a gun safe for your protection, you don’t need more storage space.

#2. SentrySafe Pistol Safe QAP1BE

The Sentry Safe pistol safe is also a quick access safe made for only 1 pistol, but this one is different because it is also known as the drawer safe. The drawer safe is a safe that can fit into a drawer and you can open it without taking the safe out. It means that the door on the safe opens at the top. This safe also comes with two types of locks, the biometric and the digital combination lock. But, there is one trick. If you get the model with the biometric lock you will also get the biometric lock because that one is actually the upgraded digital combination model.

The biometric scanner can store 4 different fingerprints, which is not much, but that is why you have a digital look as well. For example, you can use the biometric lock and you can share the PIN code with the person you trust. For example, a member of the family.

The reason why this safe is called a quick access safe is that the moment you unlock the safe, the top door will open and remain open. A compression gas strut holds it up while you grab the gun so you don’t have to have both hands on the safe to access the gun.

The construction of the safe is made of 12-gauge steel and the door are designed to prevent pry attacks so you can see that your pistol will be safe inside. The only way to open it is to unlock the safe.

#3. GunVault Microvault Pistol Safe MV500

The next quick access pistol is also made by the GunVault brand so you can expect quality. This is another drawer safe so you can place it in the drawer of your work desk or even your bedside table. The reason why this safe is so interesting is the fact that you can access it without looking at it, all thanks to the special design of the lock.

The lock is a digital combination lock, but it has shapes of every finger on the safe so you can feel the which button you have to press with which finger. It is a great safe if you have to open it in a complete dark. You can feel the shape of the finger, feel the buttons and you can’t enter a wrong code. This keypad is patented „No-Eyes“ keypad and it is one of the best features for safes. If, for some reason you forget the code you don’t have to worry because the safe comes with 2 backup keys so you can open it and change the code.

The 20-gauge steel construction of the safe will make sure that only a person with the code or a backup key can open the safe. Just like every good quality safe, this also comes with the foam interior to prevent any possible damages to the pistol so you can be sure that this is a safe place for your pistol.

#4. Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

This safe is bigger than other safes on I have shown you before, but it is not too big, you can still hide it. The best part about this safe is the fact that you can store 5 handguns inside, which is pretty incredible due to its size. The reason for that is a hanger in the safe. The hanger stores 3 handguns and you can put additional two on the bottom of the safe. Those 3 handguns on the hanger you can grab by the handle the moment you open the safe which gives you a great reaction time in an emergency.

Although this safe has the capacity for 5 handguns, I would recommend you to store only 3 on the hanger. That way you can avoid the crowd in the safe and that is not something you want in a time of emergency.

The lock on the safe is also a digital combination lock so you have to enter the right PIN code if you want to open the safe. Just like the GunVault SV500, this safe comes with a drop-down door. It means that the moment you unlock the safe, the door is released and the gravity does the rest so you can’t really have a faster opening than that.

The moment you open the safe a small LED light will light up the handguns so you can quickly grab one and react if you are in the dark. The light is not too bright so you will remain hidden even when you open the safe.

When you are buying a safe you can’t just go and buy the first one you see. You have to think about where you can store it, how you can access it and how many guns you want to place in it. That is why I am offering you different types of quick access gun safes so you can choose the one that will meet all your criteria. This is not something you have to settle with because your safety and the safety of your family should always come first.

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