AWG to MM2

The electrical engineer makes a lot of calculations. Sometimes when an engineer visits a different country and his calculation may differ to a new country. Thus, here is a list of cross-reference AWG (American Wire Gauge) to mm2 (Square Millimeter).

Cross-reference AWG to MM2 chart.

30 AWG0.05 mm2
28 AWG0.08 mm2
26 AWG0.14 mm2
24 AWG0.25 mm2
22 AWG0.34 mm2
21 AWG0.38 mm2
20 AWG0.5 mm2
18 AWG0.75 mm2
17 AWG1 mm2
16 AWG1.5 mm2
14 AWG2.5 mm2
12 AWG4 mm2
10 AWG6 mm2
8 AWG10 mm2
6 AWG16 mm2
4 AWG25 mm2
2 AWG35 mm2
1 AWG50 mm2
1/0 AWG55 mm2
2/0 AWG70 mm2
3/0 AWG95 mm2
4/0 AWG120 mm2
300MCM AWG150 mm2
350MCM AWG185 mm2
500MCM AWG240 mm2
600MCM AWG300 mm2
750MCM AWG400 mm2
1000MCM AWG500 mm2

You can save below image for your reference.

AWG to mm2

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