Are You Desperate and Stuck in Corporate Life? Win Back Your Freedom

Are you feeling down and demotivated? Are you thinking that whole company has gone crazy and you are struggling to survive day by day. Does it feel that the management does rarely good decisions and you always suffer from their decisions.

Or perhaps you feel stuck?

Demotivated Employee
Demotivated Employee

Even if you would not feel that bad, these tactics might help you.

These are my advises to all you desperate in corporate life.

I have boosted my motivation and mental well-being with these ideas. It is not easy, and you need to remind yourself when bad thoughts or desperation raises, but it works and after that you get so many new things done.

Ignore the negative events

Negative events happen all the time. Someone is not performing well, stupid decisions are made, HR gets odd ideas how to improve your well-being, weird crap happens all the time. You are disagreeing most of the time of the things that are done. And the fact is, longer you work for same employer, more you start to notice these annoyances.

By default many things suck. And you might see same things and patterns to happen again and again and again…

More you ignore things that are not in the immediate influence of yours, happier you will be. They are just events that happen around you. Some are good, many of them are not.

The sad and surprising thing in life is that not many things really make difference or have any meaning. Once you realize that, it is easier to let go.

Focus oo things you can do and have an influence on so that they will be significant and bring benefits. There might be someone who thinks the same way as your actions, but you should not care about it. Same way, you should not care too much about the actions others do.

Don’t give a sh… or thought on that. Do what you believe is right and what is in align with your values.

Work for yourself and I am sure if you do a good job, it is not only your gain or benefit, your employer will gain as well.

I believe in good stuff, and I think good stuff is always the benefit of everyone.

Work for yourself

Companies exist to make profit to their owners and you are part of that. Remember, that you don’t need to give your free time only for the benefit of the company. Keep always your interest involved.

You are not servant of the company. You are professional that is selling your work and expertise to the company and its owners. You have your own interest, which is not only the money. It is your own development, growth and fulfilment.

Work to achieve all three and I am completely sure that your employer will gain as well.

Don’t wait that your leaders build engagement or fulfilment. Of course, it is in interest of the company, but you are responsible as well. It is your benefit to work for your own satisfaction and be the leader of yourself.

Focus on the area you can influence

We all have the circle of influence. In that circle you have the people you most work with. Some have the small circle and some have wider.

The circle of influence has a nothing to do with your position. Of course, if you are manager of 20 people, you have influence on most of those 20 people and perhaps on the other managers in groups you belong.

If you are one of those 20 people your manager has influence on, your influence can be a lot wider. You easily have influence to those 20 people your work with and most likely to many more people.

Let’s say you are developer, who has worked for years in the same company, and you have done good job. Over the years you have networked with several other developers and some managers. They all know that you are honest, smart and you do good job.

I claim you have more influence than most of the managers. You are not realizing it and you might not be using it from your seat. You think that you are just a developer on bottom of organization, but that is completely wrong. With your contacts and influence, you can have huge impact.

Open your mouth and discuss with right people. Discuss, give ideas and solutions. Tell how you see things from your view. Don’t complain or blame, instead ask questions and give solutions.

Disconnect from the events around you

Have you seen action movies where the main character is in the middle of action? He is filmed in a slow motion inside all the action that happens around him.

It is pretty accurate visualization of what happens when you are really in the middle of disaster or panic. I have once been in the middle of bad accident and seen everything that happens around me like that. I am proud, that I have been able to focus and act despite the panic and chaos.

Same happens at work. When there is huge panic because of some disaster, someone must think clear and take the lead.

Similar attitude and thinking applies to everything. You need to understand that events just happen, and you can’t control what happens. You can influence the directions, but sometimes things just happen and there is nothing you can do to stop them to happen.

Instead of focusing how something is going wrong, focus on your own actions, what you can do to change the direction. Perhaps your actions don’t have the effect, but don’t get pulled in to the events.

If you sink with the sinking boat, you are in trouble, but if you try your best to prevent it from sinking, you can be satisfied even if it sinks. After all, you were not the captain. You were just trying to help him.

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