The Apps Your Business Needs in 2019

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Apps can help you to solve problems, manage your time, deal with your finances and just about anything else that is business related.

Apps Business Need

When you are a busy person trying to fit all your tasks into the hours of the day, accessing apps can mean that you are able to manage more of what you have to do simply and without worrying about the working hours of the organization you are dealing with. Of course, it depends on the type of business you have as to which apps you would need, but there are some that will suit all businesses, yours included.


This is one of the best apps around for HR recruiters. It helps to organize the hiring processes and will post jobs onto online job boards with just one click. It will also manage the responses, putting applicants into specific categories. It can handle things such as them having the right qualifications and arrange them as Yes, No or Maybe.


Notepad++ is by far the most popular source-code editor for the Windows operating system. Its features are quite limited though, especially when compare to some of the alternatives. One of the best alternatives to Notepad++ for Mac OS, for example, is an app known as CodeRunner. This is a multi language-programming editor that can handle any software engineering task you want it to. It supports 25 different languages and will let you write code in them all. Its debugging capabilities are fast and part of a single integrated workflow.

CodeRunner is not the only alternative to Notepad++, but it certainly stands out as one of the best.


Pocket makes it simple to save quotes, videos, articles, lists, tasks and anything else you might want to look at later. It is a master resource for busy people who need to keep things until another time and the best part is that it does not have to be connected to the Internet for you to view the items you have saved.


KabanFlow can be used to assign tasks, upload documents, attach files, schedule deadlines and look at an overview of an entire workflow. Β§It will let you divide tasks into subtasks and filter them so that each team can only see the ones that have been assigned to them. This tool can be a great help to managers who have more than one project to take care of.


If you are on a low budget, Wave could be the accounting software for you. As long as your business is not large and does not have many employees, it will look after your expenses, invoices and general record keeping. You can link your bank accounts to it, including PayPal.

More and More Apps

New apps are being developed all the time. Thanks to advanced technology, most of them will now work on all operating systems. The more important thing to consider is what apps can help you and your business, as there will be some out there that will make life easier for you as a business owner.

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