Alkaline vs. Lithium batteries

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Buying A/AA/AAA batteries for your small devices and gadgets. You’ll find various brands with Alkaline and Lithium batteries. Which one to buy? Is there any different Alkaline and Lithium? Will my gadget support both?

In this article, I’ll share the difference and try to answer some basic doubts comes in mind.

FeaturesAlkaline batteriesLithium batteries
PowerAlkaline batteries can hold power for a good amount of time.Lithium batteries can hold power for a much longer time.
Voltage1.5 Volt is common for any A/AA/AAA batteries.1.5 Volt is common for any A/AA/AAA batteries.
Operating temperatureAlkaline batteries cease to function under extreme cold or hot environment.Lithium batteries functions very well under extreme cold or hot environment.
WeightAlkaline batteries are a bit heavier.Lithium batteries are lightweight.
CostAlkaline batteries are cheaper.Lithium batteries are expensive.

Alkaline batteries are affordable and reliable for many portable devices and gadgets. For daily use, there is no issue. Lithium batteries lats up to 4x times more than Alkaline, but it’s not affordable and only ideal for high drain uses.

For small devices like clock, torch, remote, etc. Alkaline batteries are a better solution. But if you want something to last long and want to avoid requires frequent battery change like remote controlled toys, then definitely go with Lithium batteries. Know that you can buy many Alkaline batteries for the cost of a single Lithium battery.

Now choose wisely, one has multiple advantages over another one.

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