6 things to consider when filing an Uber accident claim

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Uber needs no introduction. It’s one of the biggest transportation companies that has changed the way people commute. All the passenger has to do is book a ride from the app on their phone, and the driver will come to their location to pick them up. The company has over 91 million users and 3.9 million drivers.

Riding in an Uber doesn’t ensure you won’t get into an accident. Uber drivers and cars are at just as high of a risk of getting into an accident as any other vehicle. If the Uber you were riding in gets into an accident, and you suffer injuries, you can file an Uber accident claim. Uber is a huge company, and you can demand full compensation from them for what you went through, considering it was a vehicle registered with the company you were riding in, and it was a driver registered with them who was driving it.


If you’re planning to file an Uber accident claim, consider the following things to strengthen your case and improve your chances of being fully compensated.

Know that liability in an Uber accident is on the company since the vehicle was registered with them and the driver was their employee, and you shouldn’t let the company put any sort of blame on you that may affect your Uber accident claim.

1. Report the accident to Uber right away.

The first thing that you must consider doing when you get into an Uber accident is to report the accident to Uber immediately. Delaying to report will weaken your case. The company will argue that since you didn’t find it necessary to report the accident right away, it wasn’t as serious as you claim it to be, and they may push you to settle for an unfair settlement.

2. Report the accident to the police.

You should have all the proofs to support your claim. When you get into an accident, you must call the police and report the incident. A lot of people often panic or become disoriented following an accident and forget to call the police. The police report holds immense importance when filing an Uber accident claim. It’s legal proof that lists down the details from the accident scene.

3. Get your medical examination.

The next important thing that requires consideration when you get into an Uber accident is getting your medical examination done, even if you think you don’t need it. Sometimes, you may not have any visible injuries, but the injuries present themselves during later stages of life. But till then, it’s too late to file an Uber accident claim.

The medical examination report will be the ultimate proof before the court that you were hurt during the Uber accident and had to bear medical expenses. Your lawyer can also have your medical examiner give a statement that can support your case.

If you don’t get a medical examination right away, Uber can counter your claim by saying that you would have gone to see a doctor if you were really injured during the accident. Since you didn’t, the company doesn’t owe you what you claim it does.

4. Collect evidence.

While the police will collect the evidence from the accident location as per protocol, you must consider collecting as much proof as possible. If you’ve been in an Uber accident, you must take pictures of the site. You should try to cover as much on pictures as you can to show the extent of damage to the vehicles, the position of the vehicle, and the damage to the property or people at the site, if any.

5. Collect the driver’s information.

While Uber has all the details of the ride and the driver on their system, you should also consider recording the driver’s information. The company will try its best to avoid any trouble and keep itself from bearing any liability. For this reason, you shouldn’t trust the company to provide the information that can help you win the case against them. Note down the driver’s name, license number, vehicle’s number plate number, and vehicle details. You can present this information in court if the company tries to manipulate evidence or data to save itself.

6. Hire a lawyer at the earliest.

Uber is a leading organization, and you may not be able to win the Uber accident claim case on your own. If your Uber got into an accident, you must consider getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer right away. They will know which course of action to follow and how to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Winning an Uber accident claim case won’t be easy, but if you do all things right, you don’t have to worry about anything.

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