5 mistakes that will jeopardize your personal injury lawsuit

Accidents can be understandably life-changing; whether a slip and fall, a car accident, or even a work-related accident, the physical and emotional impacts of a personal injury can negatively affect anyone’s life.

If not, by keeping you from work during your recovery period, you might even be left with a long-term physical disability and emotional scarring in the form of post-traumatic stress.

Unfortunately, personal injury lawsuits can be exceptionally stressful. As if the impacts of your unfortunate experience were not enough, you still have to claim compensation, prove liability, and possibly wait quite a while to see justice.

Personal injury lawsuit

It is usually the best option to rely on a personal injury lawyer to handle your case for you, whether you are self-representing or relying on an expert legal representation.

And you should avoid these five mistakes that can put the outcome of your lawsuit in jeopardy.

Posting on social media.

Of course, you might be feeling done in, angered, and upset by the circumstances of your injury, as the negligence of another has caused you financial damages, physical injury, and emotional turmoil.

However, posting on social media can put your case in jeopardy, and you should rather about sharing any details of the lawsuit, even after the case is settled. The liable party may use your posts against you and claim defamation and slander as the lawsuit is in its early stages, which is why it’s best to avoid social media altogether.

Delaying or neglecting medical treatment.

Medical treatment is crucial after a personal injury. Delaying medical treatment or neglecting it altogether will have your claim rejected as you won’t have any medical proof of the injury. What’s more, only going for an initial checkup and neglecting follow-up appointments as recommended by your doctor will also put your case in jeopardy.

Leaving important evidence out of your case.

Any information about your case is essential. Instead of deciding to disregard more minor details, you should use every bit of evidence you have to strengthen your case. This includes the official police report. If the incident happens in TX, you can search for the Texas crash report online. All you need is some of the collision’s information, such as the ZIP code, date, and the involved car’s VIN. Suppose you have hired an expert personal injury lawyer. In that case, they will know exactly how to use even the smallest detail to your advantage in your lawsuit, so be sure to hand over everything you have, even if it’s a short witness statement that seems irrelevant.

Settling too soon.

You may feel hasty to receive your compensation, cover your damages, and move on with your life. However, your first settlement offer will likely be relatively low, and accepting it will be a mistake as you have the right to reject a low offer and negotiate fair compensation.

Concealing facts.

Concealing facts about your case, such as past injuries that may have worsened your current injuries, can put your personal injury case in danger. Your medical records will reflect all your past injuries, which will be considered relevant. The same is true for any applicable medical conditions that would impact the severity of your current injury. Instead, you should be truthful with your lawyer and avoid concealing any facts about your case.

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